Why Psychology Degrees Are More Important Than Ever Right Now

Why Psychology Degrees Are More Important Than Ever Right Now

A microscopic virus made people seriously ill at the end of 2019, and by 2020, the whole world had come to a standstill. Yet, 2020 also has positive lessons to give us. Like the importance of taking better care of our mental health. With so many threats facing us, and so many changes in our ‘normality’, we must find ways to remain strong, balanced and productive. This is why Psychology degrees are more important than ever right now.

2020, a year of disasters and threats

Violence and armed conflicts are continuing, cities are destroyed, displaced persons seek refuge in foreign lands, while wildfires, floods and earthquakes cause even more destruction and suffering.

But, on top of everything else, this year we are also facing a global pandemic, an extensive financial crisis, as well as racial and social conflict.

In fact, our daily lives have changed, because of the coronavirus pandemic. We keep our distance from others and we wear masks and carry sanitisers in public places. Also, many of us are working from home and all of us watch the news, dreading to hear the next headline about the latest pandemic statistics.

Longer working hours

According to recent findings by the USA National Bureau of Economic Research, for the millions now working from home the working day is longer by 50 minutes.

In fact, the boundaries between work and free time are now blurred. Many professionals working from home are attending more meetings, exchanging more emails and putting in longer hours. Some are facing work burnout or even a mental breakdown.

The importance of rest and recovery

Never before have rest and recovery been more important. Jen Fisher, Chief Well-being Officer at Deloitte writes in a recent Business Insider article: ‘When a public health crisis, economic uncertainty, and civil unrest converge, taking care of our well-being is essential.’

Therefore, she advises paying close attention to the signs of exhaustion. Waking up feeling tired, irritable, unable to focus and lacking energy are signs that we need time away from our responsibilities to recover.

Even though sleeping enough, exercising, reading, or praying can relieve stress, the convergence of so many negative factors remains a threat to our mental well-being.

The hidden dangers of the pandemic

Depression, suicide, alcoholism and substance abuse, anxiety and burnout appear to be on the increase among the adult population.

Experts are searching for solutions to the negative effects of the pandemic on mental health. This is of paramount importance for societies as well as for organisations.

How Psychology can help

Unfortunately, the negative effects of the pandemic on our mental health are expected to have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

Hence, we turn to Psychology, which can help us make sense of all the negativity, fear and pain we are experiencing.

As a result, Psychology degrees are more important than ever right now. Studying Psychology can help us improve our own life skills and can also lead to a good career with high earnings, for many years to come.

Careers open to holders of Psychology Master’s degrees

Having a qualification in the Psychology sector equips graduates to work in Human Resources, General Management, Education, Health Services, Social Services, the Police and Armed Forces, or follow the path to academia and research.

Unicaf partners with reputable universities in the UK and in Africa to offer online degrees in Psychology. An internationally recognised Psychology degree can make you stand out to potential employers.

Unicaf offers affordability, accessibility and flexibility

Through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, postgraduate degrees in Psychology are affordable and easy to access. With the Unicaf online digital platform, which hosts the cutting edge Virtual Learning Environment, you can work and earn a salary throughout your studies.

Unicaf students have access to study materials 24/7. They also interact with internationally qualified tutors and fellow students in 156 countries. This way they gain advanced knowledge and skills with an international perspective. There is no doubt that Unicaf graduates are well prepared for the challenges of the global workplace.

Earn a UK Master’s in Psychology

Enhance your CV and future career prospects with a UK degree in Psychology. For example, you can study online with Liverpool John Moores University through Unicaf. You will receive a generous scholarship – which reduces fees considerably – and earn exactly the same degree as on-campus students.

The MSc in Psychology degree of LJMU places a strong emphasis on psychological investigation. The primary goal is to contribute to the scientific understanding of mind, brain, behaviour, and of their complex interactions.

Through the programme students develop skills in quantitative and qualitative research and in conducting independent research.

The core of the programme focuses on applications of Psychology to problems experienced in different regions and cultures.

Students develop a deep understanding of key sectors of Psychology. Health, Forensic, Work, and Positive Psychology, which is described as “.. the scientific study of what makes life most worth living” (Peterson, 2008) are all covered by the programme.

Study Managerial Psychology

Managerial Psychology plays a pivotal role in making organisations responsive to the general welfare of working professionals and humankind.

Unicaf University’s Master of Science in Managerial Psychology aims to impart the skills needed to deal effectively with contemporary issues in business environments.

By using critical analysis, reflection and evaluation, the programme aims to develop students’ cognitive capabilities and psychomotor skills.

Moreover, the programme offers a clear understanding of the possibilities and limits of the application of psychology in working environments.

Offering specialised skills and knowledge, the programme helps students handle challenges at the workplace effectively. Students also learn how to contribute to the sustainable development of their environment.

The multiple benefits of Psychology degrees

In conclusion, studying through Unicaf for an internationally recognised Master’s in Psychology is affordable, flexible and very beneficial. Psychology can teach you how to live a better life and help your loved ones live better too. At the same time, it can also equip you for a great career in a variety of sectors and industries. This is why Psychology degrees are more important than ever right now.