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Programme Advising

The Unicaf Programme Advising

At Unicaf, we believe that programme advising is an integral and essential practice that helps students’ overcome roadblocks and achieve their academic goals. Our highly trained Student Advisers serve as advocates who provide guidance, continuous support, and assistance and build strong relationships with students. They have the experience and knowledge to trace students’ skills and abilities and suggest the right programme and university partner.

Programme Advising Includes

  • Advising students with detailed information on partner universities and degrees that match their interests and/or qualifications. Our university program advisors provide a comprehensive perspective on the modules
  • Assessing if students meet the requirements
  • Resolving possible registration process issues
  • Reviewing academic progress and assisting with any problems related to students’ performance
  • Providing information on the delivery model and the technology used
  • Suggesting professional development courses after graduation
  • Regular contact and communication with students to motivate them on their academic journey
  • Discussing career choices
  • Tuition fees

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