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Doctoral Research Groups

The Doctoral Research Groups’ aim is to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and feedback provision between doctoral researchers and faculty, with a view to advancing original and rigorous research.

The initiative is aimed at Unicaf University doctoral researchers and faculty, during which doctoral researchers present ideas and share expertise that can enhance their research. The open dialogue between doctoral researchers working on similar subjects will facilitate information exchange and will be a vibrant forum in which students can receive feedback on their work.

Unicaf currently has Doctoral Research Groups operating in 5 areas:

Doctoral Research Groups generate a vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas between faculty and students working in a similar research area.

Each Doctoral Research Group is attended by faculty members and supervisors who specialise in the topics being researched, and act as panelists. During each Doctoral Research Group a maximum of 3 doctoral students present their study and receive feedback from both faculty and their peers.

All registered students of Unicaf are able to attend any Doctoral Research Groups they wish. The joining details for each Doctoral Research Group can be found using the links on the list above.