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Virtual Learning Environment

Unicaf’s digital platform is revolutionising learning and teaching in higher education


Unicaf facilitates the global online delivery of study materials for Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees through its state-of-the-art digital platform and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE is a digital learning platform that seamlessly integrates a working space for educational and business processes. Its smart digital ecosystem allows learners and teachers to work together at ease while ensuring user security and privacy.

Virtual Learning Environment Functionalities:


  • Students can submit their coursework and keep track of it anywhere, anytime 
  • Unlimited access to digital learning materials: articles, quizzes, texts, videos, images, and podcasts
  • Browse modules and review upcoming assignments
  • Experience live discussions and recorded lessons
  • View deadlines, and important course events and create events
  • Access grades and instructor feedback
  • Send instant messages to instructors or fellow students 
  • Participate in Discussion Forums 
  • Receive notifications for new Discussion Forums and updates from instructors
  • Download important module documents and study offline

What are the real-world advantages of using the VLE?


Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Online learning has made higher education significantly affordable as students can now earn a degree from a recognised partner university without paying for additional campus fees, transportation, or accommodation. Online learning through the employment of the VLE does not involve any of the costs mentioned above. Also, students and faculty reduce energy consumption by choosing online studies instead of traditional on-campus programmes. International students can “attend” universities online and earn a prestigious degree from our partner universities from anywhere in the world while saving in greenhouse emissions and waste. 

Student Engagement and Motivation

Through our state-of-art online platform, students can actively participate in various activities which are meticulously designed to meet each student’s particular needs. The virtual learning platform enables module designers to create and deliver engaging academic content and lessons. The online delivery of the programmes is continuously updated to meet new methodologies. 

Self-Paced and Flexible Learning

The flexible structure of lectures allows students to access the material at any time at their own pace. Students can monitor their own learning and schedule their study routine. Self-pacing keeps students more motivated during their academic studies. The online learning platform provides 24/7 access to study material, and thus learners can easily keep up with the module discussions anywhere, anytime.

Collaborative Learning

The Virtual Learning Environment is an excellent platform for hosting student-instructor interaction and promoting communication. Learners can address any issues, discuss their assignments and feedback with their instructors easier and faster than on-campus students. Students collaborate with their classmates, share ideas, work together to create projects, participate in discussion forums, and explore meaningful projects. Collaborative learning is an excellent method to enhance learners’ performance and extremely helpful for students who may require additional support.




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