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Graduation Ceremonies

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Our Graduation Ceremonies

Unicaf University Graduation Ceremony 2023, in Zambia

The 4th Graduation Ceremony of Unicaf University in Zambia was graced by the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, Hon. Douglas Syakalima, and several Vice Chancellors from local universities.  626 graduates from 68 different countries received their Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree awards on October 12th, 2023, at the Golden Peacock hotel in Lusaka, with their families and friends in attendance. The theme of the Graduation Ceremony was ‘Transformative Education for the 21st century.’

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Unicaf University Graduation Ceremony 2023, in Malawi

Under the slogan ‘A milestone achieved, a Journey begins’, the fourth Graduation Ceremony of Unicaf University in Malawi was held on the 3rd of August at BICC, in the presence of the Honourable Minister of Education, Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima MP. A total of 444 new Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral graduates of Unicaf University in Malawi received their degree awards in a magnificent ceremony, broadcast live on Times TV and on social media.


Unicaf University Graduation Ceremony 2022, in Malawi

Due to pandemic restrictions in 2020 and 2021, this was the first physical graduation that took place so it was a particularly momentous occasion. Addressing the attendees, Vice-Chancellor Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe congratulated the students for meeting and surpassing their own expectations. Dr Mushibwe reminded them of the fantastic achievements they, and Unicaf University, have made. From a humble 5,400 students just 5 years ago, Unicaf’s unique platform can now boast over 60,000 students in its rota. Additionally, there were 123 employees and 9 academic programmes at the outset, whereas today there are currently over 1,000 employees and 120 academic programmes.


Unicaf University Graduation Ceremony 2021, in Malawi

July marks an important milestone for Unicaf University in Malawi graduates. This year, 222 students from 49 countries received their degrees during a virtual graduation ceremony. All graduates worked hard to meet their goals during challenging times, but they successfully completed their academic journey along with the support of their advisers, tutors, and mentors.

The Class of 2021, besides university-related pressure and responsibilities, faced one more stressor—the Covid-19 pandemic. However, our students had built resilience as they were no strangers to online learning and thus bounced back and adapted early to the new e-reality. This generation of graduates remained motivated and committed to their academic success, overcame unforeseen difficulties, and finally graduated.