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Corporate Scholarship Scheme

About the Unicaf Corporate Scholarship Scheme

As the markets are constantly evolving and the impact of new technologies is tremendous on all businesses, organisations must adapt to stay viable. For this reason, fast-moving enterprises must invest in a highly skilled and trained workforce to increase productivity and profit.

Through the Unicaf Corporate Scholarship Scheme, working adults can access quality and internationally recognised degrees and professional short courses that will help them keep their skills sharp and expand their knowledge base.

Programmes and Delivery Model

Unicaf offers generous scholarships for Bachelor, Master’s, Doctoral programmes, and Professional Development Short Courses that meet your organisation’s training and educational needs and challenges.


Our Partner Universities:

  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University of East London
  • University of Suffolk
  • Unicaf University
  • University of California – Riverside Extension


Work While You Study

Unicaf uses cutting-edge technology and resources to facilitate the delivery of the online programmes. Working professionals with family and work commitments can benefit from our flexible degrees that allow them to accommodate their education around their hectic schedules.

Partnerships With The World’s Top Leaders

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The Unicaf Corporate Scholarship Scheme can help your organisation to grow and stay competitive.

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