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Online Learning

Online Education

Technology is reforming the way we work and fundamentally redefining what it means to have a career, forcing us to become lifelong learners. Unicaf is embracing the digital era while facilitating students to study towards quality online degrees.

Unicaf is one of the world’s leaders in providing technology-enabled learning. With the economies of scale achieved from the online delivery of programmes, Unicaf offers generous scholarships, reducing tuition fees dramatically. Furthermore, online learning is a socially and environmentally responsible way of providing access to higher education.

Through its partnerships with reputable universities in the UK, the USA and Africa, students can study online for internationally recognised degrees. Online learning enables international students to earn high-quality degrees at a price they can afford. Additionally, candidates who choose an online degree through Unicaf can benefit from its scholarships and worry less about the tuition fees.

Unicaf’s instructional designers work closely with faculty to produce interactive and engaging material and content to accommodate diverse learning styles. The platform is designed to host a collaborative classroom environment accessible through mobile and desktop devices for convenient consumption of asynchronous coursework.

The idea is to offer a digital ambience with software, platforms, and digital tools, enabling independent learning. Students also have access to Student Support teams that augment each student’s academic experience by providing ongoing, personalised non-academic support. The Unicaf learning environment offers students a virtual space to learn, gain experience with online learning, work together and establish long-term beneficial relationships with fellow students and lecturers living in 190 countries.

In addition to the digital platform, Unicaf University students can also visit the university’s state-of-the-art facilities to access a computer lab with high-speed Internet.

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