Tuition Fees Do Not Have to Be an Obstacle to Reach Your University Degree

Tuition Fees Do Not Have to Be an Obstacle to Reach Your University Degree


Costs, not the lack of gifted students, have been a challenge to assist a large group of highly educated individuals to earn a university education. Astronomical air fares and a mostly unconnected world made intercontinental travel almost like leaving the planet in the past. Nowadays, it is largely tuition fees that create a barrier for many to earn a university degree.

Tuition fees rose considerably and applicants overwhelm the few free public universities. This leave many bright minds without the option to advance their education. There are numerous ways for you now though to take advantage of affordable study programmes.

Low tuition fees through blended and online learning

Blended and online learning is available for a fraction of the costs of traditional on-campus studies. Also, you can take advantage of other cost effective additions that blended and online studies offer. Study material sit readily available online that can be used even during the limited on-campus classes.


If you qualify for the UNICAF Scholarship Programme, your tuition fees reduce significantly, offering you affordable access to quality higher education.

Customised payment plan

Once the scholarship has been approved, your student adviser will explore the most suitable payment plan for you. This will reduce the remaining tuition fees to affordable monthly payments.

Earn an income 

When studying through blended or online learning, you can keep your job and earn an income. This does not only make it easier to pay the tuition fee, but also gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you earn during your studies at your job. This has already helped UNICAF students in the past to advance their career already during their studies.

Start your studies with low tuition fees today

Apply online for the degree programme of your choice and the UNICAF Scholarship Programme. You can choose from a selection of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate prammes that are available through UNICAF from our partner universities in the US, UK, Europe and Africa. Once you successfully finish your studies, you will receive your degree and have the option to attend the graduation ceremony on campus.

Take advantage of this life changing opportunity and apply here.