Why Human Resource Management Employees Love Their Job

Why Human Resource Management Employees Love Their Job

Have you ever wondered why certain people love their jobs? Well, there are three main reasons: First, they enjoy their everyday tasks, second, they love the company they work for and third, they enjoy the workplace environment. Human Resource Management (HRM) employees own the first place on this list. Recent surveys among human resource management employees revealed that more than 55% of employees love what they are doing. But what makes working across the HRM sector so rewarding? Continue reading to find out. 

“HR should be every company’s killer app. What could possibly be more important than who gets hired?”

Jack Welch

Let’s define Human Resource Management  

Human resource management might be the most or one of the most complex departments in an organisation. Every employee knows their role in a  company but very few know why they are important. If you ask a professional in the Human Resources sector what they do during a typical workday, usually you will get this answer: ‘’I’m responsible for talent management, recruitment and training of the employees’’. But it’s more than that. 

Human resource management supports and manages people to achieve a higher level of performance. To date, they are responsible for tracking talent, hiring the ideal employees, updating the company’s policies, process payroll, organising the required training and development sessions and developing workplace policies. Furthermore, they are in charge of worker protection, which includes chemical hazards, heating and ventilation requirements, and security of private information. Last but not least, as a department, they ensure that workplace wellbeing is up to standards. Meaning that they comply with the relevant human resource laws, depending on the country they operate in. 

The one thing we know for sure is that when people love what they do, they put all their energy, creativity and productivity into it. Read below and find out five main reasons why HRM employees love what they do.

1. Interacting with people 

There are many students out there who choose to study human resource management because they love communicating with people. HR teams are often called ‘people teams’ – and no wonder why. The title itself, ‘human resource’, suggests that you’ll be working with other human beings. The everyday work tasks of a human resource professional involve interacting with people from different levels of the organisation, from junior positions to senior managers and executives. The challenge here is adapting to the requirements of each level and position and still delivering the best employee experience possible. 

2. Helping others

Helping other human beings is considered the emotional aspect of the profession. Of course, it can give you an incredible feeling of satisfaction. Employees of the department aim to help other employees grow professionally and support them with any issues they might have. For example, if an employee has payroll issues,  needs help with a maternity leave plan or career advice – the human resource is the person of contact. Another example is helping in the hiring process. Just thinking about being part of the excitement and joy of a university graduate who just landed his/her dream job sounds like an awesome feeling, right?

3. Learning never ends 

The spirit of a human resource team is always about making things better for both the employees and the organisation in general. In order to achieve this, employees have to learn, research and study. For example, they can attend training, conferences, run analytics and catch up with the latest research trends and HR processes. There are all good ways to gain knowledge and fresh ideas. The most challenging part of the learning process is to take those fresh ideas and have the ability to influence the employees. 

4. Making a real impact and influence

Here’s another attractive element of the profession. A human resource professional has the opportunity to make a real impact on the company. The nature of the job is behind the scenes of an organisation. Thus, Human Resources people must know the priorities and the challenges of the company. This allows employees of the department to use their knowledge and ideas to improve the company’s status. To date, they can positively influence the future of the company by the recruitment decisions they make. 

5. Every day at work is different

Human resource management never gets boring. Employees have so many different responsibilities, which makes every day at work different. Getting in touch with different people and personalities each day feels like being in a different environment. Here is a real-life example. A day in the life of a human resource professional might begin with a morning meeting with the CEO to discuss the most recent employee wellbeing survey results, followed by researching the latest workplace strategies and then interviewing potential candidates. As you can tell, there will be no typical day in the human resources department. 

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