The Value of a Doctoral Degree

06 MAY 2022 By elenap
The Value of a Doctoral Degree

Learning and acquiring knowledge are inherent capacities of every human being. They are available before our birth and remain accessible as we grow older. We start acquiring language, which we speak fluently at a later stage, while listening to our mother’s voice in the womb. In this very same way, a doctoral degree is the road to specialised knowledge acquisition, which is shared with other specialists; and not only.

Pursuing a doctoral degree is not only about receiving the highest academic qualification, but it is an achievement that comes with great satisfaction and obligation.


Satisfaction in developing new skills, discovering new potentials, gaining new knowledge and conducting independent research, while at the same time increasing the doctoral student’ s employability. Doctoral students push themselves to the limit. They constantly acquire new information and techniques. Throughout the journey of a doctoral degree the doctoral student acquires and enhances soft and hard skills namely, technical, analytical, presentational, managerial and interpersonal skills, among others. Apart from these skills and as a result of this journey the greatest satisfaction of all is the creation of one’ s own monograph; their own intellectual masterpiece.  

Continuous professional development and career enhancement, in terms of increasing future employment and/or promotion, are usually among the reasons for which one may want to pursue a doctoral degree. The prospect of increasing one’s chances of being suitable for a position, receiving a salary increase, or a managerial position, is a very positive addition. These could be materialised as either working at higher ranking positions within industry, or by the possibility of entering the field of academia.

Job and professional satisfaction in academia is reinforced by great productivity in terms of publications, conference attendance and dissemination of research. It is a field that would not have been accessible without the relevant degree and qualifications.  


Despite the great satisfaction retrieved by pursuing a doctoral degree, a doctoral degree carries great obligation and responsibility. Obligation in transferring the results of the doctoral research in application, while benefiting local communities, national and global development. Doctoral research has been the pioneer in inventing, discovering and providing solutions to currently existing problems, ranging from lab-based research isolating specific proteins in cancer cells, that led to the creation of medication against cancer, to the formulation of specific policies on governance.

Doctoral level community-centred research is essential for eliminating various social, cultural, biological, ethical (as well as other), constraints within specific social networks. Each doctoral researcher contributes a piece to solving the problems faced by their countries by enhancing, among others, equality, equity and inclusivity, while concentrating on social responsibility.

A doctoral degree tests, assess and rewards the doctoral student as it is not just another degree framed on the wall. It is a vision that provides personal fulfilment on the one hand and social commitment and responsibility on the other. It is a degree that helps the doctoral student become a new self.  


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