Online Master’s Degree: Things You Should Know Before You Sign Up

Online Master’s Degree: Things You Should Know Before You Sign Up


You have finally settled in a career path. You are now looking to grow professionally by securing a master’s degree in your desired field. The only challenges you face are time and the associated costs. To overcome these challenges, you decide on an online master’s degree with affordable tuition fees. You could also go for a customised payment plan that fits your lifestyle. One such solution is the UNICAF Scholarship Programme. The programme allows you the flexibility to study within your own schedule at a payment plan that doesn’t strain your finances.

Apart from time and payment plans, there are other factors of online master’s degrees that you need to know and prepare for. See below;

Self-motivation is key for online learning

If you believe that is is challenging to self-motivate, you are not alone. Unlike in a physical class where tutors constantly supervise students, online learning requires self-supervision. For instance, online master’s students have the flexibility to take classes in their own schedules. This can lead to lack of motivation and drive.

UNICAF helps students stay focused by the use of an interface that ensures constant communication with the tutors. Tutors also actively follow up on student progress from time to time. Other than that, UNICAF also offers practical advice and tips to students on how to remain focused and motivated.

Choose a university with the best online master’s degrees

There is no use spending time and resources taking an online degree that will not improve your professional life. You might find that the programme is inferior or the university is not recognised in your country. Before you choose a university to engage, ensure that it is recognised in your country and the master’s programme is marketable. UNICAF is an international institution that offers internationally recognised degrees. See UNICAF’s internationally recognised degree programmes here.

Choose an online master’s programme with student support

Most online courses are student-driven. This means that once you sign up as a student you get resources you need to study. While this is good, sometimes you might need clarification from your tutors and need a way of reaching them. Ensure your prospective university for an online master’s degree has an established tutor-student support system in place that is easily accessible and user-friendly. Like the one UNICAF has such a system where a student can reach out to their professor any time with course-related queries and get feedback.

Select a university that facilitates networking

Students studying a course together in an institution form a feeling of companionship and fellowship. Most of the time, online students do not experience this. While networking is not a requirement for the attainment of a degree, it helps you professionally. Also, engaging other students helps in solving mutual challenges you face. UNICAF has time in its annual calendars where students in Kenya meet and share experiences as well as other team-building activities.

Get your desired online master’s degree with UNICAF

UNICAF degree programmes are recognised in Kenya and are marketable in Kenya’s job market. What’s more, you can get a partial scholarship on a programme, meaning you get quality higher education, study in your own time and at a very affordable rate.

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