The Benefits of Online Learning: Health

The Benefits of Online Learning: Health


When hearing the phrase ‘online learning’, health might not be the first word that comes to mind. Online learning is mostly associated with gadgets, flexibility and affordability. While this is indeed the case, health is an important factor. This includes both physical and mental health.

To begin with, at home, you might have at least some sort of access to healthcare services or know of affordable health centres. When studying abroad, you might not have access to the same level of healthcare as at home, or prices might be substantially higher. Even health plans might only cover emergency procedures abroad. Additionally, friends and family are close by to help.

An increasing issue is the sanitary conditions in many university housing across the continent. With prices around campuses skyrocketing, landlords increasingly move more and more people within student accommodation without upgrading facilities or offering adequate sleeping space. Living in substandard housing is not only unpleasant but also poses a health risk. You do want to spend your time as a student to study and not fight infections.

Additionally, one great factor is also the matter of mental health. Being in a different place, away from home and perhaps the first time responsible for everything alone can be daunting. While studying abroad can be heaps of fun and a great experience, if there are any challenges it can take a toll on your happiness and well-being.

Online learning cannot overcome all challenges, but it lets you stay closer to your safety network at home.

So where can you get started with your online degree?

Online, of course. Simply find the programme of your choice on the Unicaf website, select “Apply Now” and fill out the application form. Once done, a student adviser will contact you to discuss the remainder of the application process. This includes evaluating your scholarship eligibility and to find the payment plan that suits your budget.

You don’t have to worry if you are not completely tech-savvy. Your course will start with an induction module that will explain the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Therefore, once you start your course, your mind is at ease and you can concentrate on the programme.

Any questions? Log on to our Unciaf Live Chat and we can answer any question you might have.