What are Short Courses and Why Should I Take One?

15 JUN 2022 By Andrew E
What are Short Courses and Why Should I Take One?

Professional Development Courses (PDCs) are designed to enrich the knowledge, further the education and boost the career prospects of working professionals. Short courses are an option if their job requires an additional skill that they may not have acquired through their former education or work experience.

For example, someone might be working at a bank after obtaining a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance. However, they may be required to employ managerial methods in their work to increase work efficiency and general morale. In this case, they could take a short course in Management to help them do their job more effectively.

What is the duration of professional development courses?

One of the largest benefits of PDCs is their length. If you are able to commit to a full university degree, then short courses are the way to go. Professional Development Courses can range from hours to weeks, depending on the course. It can be incredibly beneficial for bolstering your CV and showcasing new skills you may have gained by taking it.

PDCs offer you an incredibly flexible and less time-consuming (depending on the course you choose to follow) option! Also, you can still enrol in one while still completing an ongoing university degree.

PDCs exist for every area of interest imaginable, and they vary in length too! You may have the option to learn about a subject in more depth over a longer period of time. Or in less detail in a shorter period of time, depending on your pre-existing knowledge on the subject.

How Much do they Cost?

The second-largest benefit of PDCs is their price. Unicaf’s PDCs have a price range between $17 – $268.

Unicaf offers over 300 PDC options that you can choose from, so visit our website to benefit from our current offers!