Unicaf Is Leading Sub-Saharan Africa’s International Higher-Education Market

Unicaf Is Leading Sub-Saharan Africa’s International Higher-Education Market

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In 2015, Unicaf had just about 12,000 students across Africa who have enrolled through its academic platform for either a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree programme. By January 2019, this figure has reached 25,000, bringing a whopping 108% growth in barely 4 years. Within the same period, when the pan-African institution gained over 100% growth, it has also expanded its footprint from being in just 3 African countries as of 2015 to 11 African countries by the first quarter of 2019. With Nigeria as its leading country, Unicaf has toppled the market as the leader in international higher-education.

How did Unicaf get here?

Unicaf provides an opportunity for African students to who desire an internationally recognised degree and to earn these degrees from their home countries. The programme is mainly delivered through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), where students take their classes in real-time online. Unicaf also offers on-campus study in its academic delivery model. Students can study online and also attend on-campus classes at Unicaf University campuses. Unicaf on-campus study is already available in a number of African countries like Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

While this may seem interesting for many and an opportunity for Africans to work and study concurrently, it didn’t just stop here. As an icing to the cake, Unicaf offers scholarships which cover a large portion of tuition fees. The goal is to deliver an international degree benchmarked to meet UK standard, for just a fraction of the actual cost. These students will also have the option to spread the remaining payments. This makes it suitable for many African students who desire to work, earn, and study for an internationally recognised degree.

”The structure of Unicaf’s online study has allowed me to obtain a higher level education without being in a classroom. The convenience of studying online creates a balance between working full time and raising a toddler. Additionally, the payment plan is great and with Unicaf’s help, I was able to work hard and achieve my dream of having a Master’s degree because it would not have been possible with my current busy schedule.

Overall, the experience thus far has been very rewarding and I truly recommend studying with Unicaf, especially to those busy persons who may want to further their studies…” says Tiffany Campbell, a Unicaf beneficiary.

What is the future of Digital Higher-Education?

A modern smartphone today has 1,500 times more processing power than the computer on the Apollo 11. The ubiquity of a smartphone device or a personal computer, with a good internet connection, makes it possible for students to study from anywhere in the world. They can receive their lectures online with these devices and participate in class activities through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). All these are possible due to the exponential growth of technologies. Many Africans today are embracing these opportunities to get themselves formally educated.

Digital education is the fastest way out to ensure that more Africans are able to rapidly embrace quality education. Many institutes in the UK, USA and other parts of Europe are already offering online degree programmes. This is to ensure that those who may be constrained by other personal activities such as their jobs, including disability or financial challenges could still access quality higher-education.

Unicaf University offers recognised degrees

Unicaf is the parent organisation which founded Unicaf University, a leading pan-African university. The institution is fully independent and delivers its own degrees. Unicaf University, also known as UU, is licensed in Malawi by the National Council for Higher Education. It is also licensed in Zambia by the Higher Education Authority, among other countries. Accordingly, these are the regulatory bodies overseeing licensing of higher-education in these countries.

Interestingly, while Unicaf may use UK quality of education as its benchmark for the quality of programmes it delivers, the institution still ensures that it meets the necessary regulatory requirements in these African countries. It aims to position itself as a truly pan-African university of high repute. Unicaf University is also a member of several education bodies and projects, such as United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and also the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA), among many others. Some of the finance and accounting related courses it offers are approved by ACCA for up to 9 exemptions. This has made most of Unicaf programmes popular choice for candidates seeking internationally recognised degrees.

Unicaf & Unicaf University Academic Partners

While Unicaf University operates fully independently, Unicaf partners with leading institutions in the UK, US and Africa for online distance learning programmes. Some of Unicaf academic partners include the Liverpool John Moores University – UK, University of Suffolk – UK and the University of California, Riverside Extension – USA.

Students in Africa can enrol into these institutions for selected degree programmes ranging from Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree programmes. The institution the students have studied with will award their degrees upon completion of the programme. For instance, students who enrolled through Unicaf to study Public Health in Liverpool John Moores University, UK, will be awarded the degree from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. The same applies to the University of Suffolk, UK, Unicaf University, among others.

How to benefit from higher-education with the Unicaf Scholarship

Unicaf offers undergraduate and graduates degree programmes through online and on-campus study system. The programmes are available to African candidates who desire to advance their career, with quality education in mind. There are a number of interesting courses of which candidates can pick from.

Interested candidates can visit the Unicaf application page here, select a programme and apply. Prospective students can simply apply to request a call back from a Unicaf advisor. A student advisor will reach out to the student to advise them on the whole process and guide them further.

More About Unicaf

Unicaf is a leading online platform offering affordable, quality higher-education to underserved markets. It offers this in collaboration with reputable universities in the UK, US and Africa. Unicaf is part of a wider European educational organisation, with more than 30 years of experience in the international education market. It is also the parent organisation of Unicaf University, a pan-African independent institution with presence in about 11 African countries.