To All Our Wonderful Mothers!

03 MAY 2022 By Andrew E
To All Our Wonderful Mothers!

On Sunday, the 8th of May, we celebrate the women who brought us into this world. The women who, after 9 months of pain, put themselves through the most torturous experience to give us the chance to experience the beauty of life: our mothers.

“Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything.”

To My Mother

I opened my eyes and you were there,
I opened doors and you were there
I opened gifts and you were there
I opened books and you were there

I opened my arms and you were there
I opened my heart and you were there
I opened my dreams and you were there
But you opened up the world for me to care

Maria Stylianou


She was warned by a shining light of a sword that will pierce her heart
Yet it was a time long ago past
The bloom of young womanhood now simply a distant thought – a memory
In its place, the joy of expectancy, of motherhood, and of fate.

Through trial and error, she learned from the past,
As her ancestors stood by her side,
Their guiding light a gentle reminder
Of what is a mother’s right

Madre, Majka, Mor and Maman, Mother Earth has honoured you on this day,
Gaia, with her sisters, celebrates your labours, your visions, and your gifts,
Dance, Maminka, let your spirit soar, for now is your time to shine,
Let Demeter’s sacrifice not have been in vain!

Kostas Yiasoumi

Mother Tree

To the little lady who brought me into this world,
I say: I love you.
Even if I could speak in pictures, there would not be enough
to depict your distinctive disposition.
Nothing can suffice.

No being on the Earth or the stars can compare,
To your ever-growing heart,
Which selflessly warms all that enters its aura.
Unquestionably, without bias, a being of pure care,
Adoration for all, before oneself.

You raised me into the man I am today,
And I will spend my every waking hour,
Trying to make up for the wonder of life
you have granted me. You are my tree of life,
And I will sleep in your branches always.

Andrew Evgeniou

Testimonials from Our Student Mothers

“Being a mother, a full-time worker, and a wife, I will admit that the workload seemed too much at times. However, I was never left alone. I was able to consult and receive timely feedback from my lecturers, which made my studies very rewarding.”

Sharon Stephen |Unicaf University Zambia- MSc in Healthcare Management

“Being a mother of three, I know that it’s not easy to combine all of these with online studies. But I also know that Unicaf has provided me with two privileges. The first one is work-life balance and the second one is career pivots. I was able to study without jeopardising my role as a mother, which is one of the benefits that Unicaf provides”

Kikelomo Atanda-Owo | Unicaf – MBA

“I am married and a full-time working mom of three. Being able to combine all these with my studies is wonderful. Fortunately, the program was very flexible giving me enough time to do my assignments and providing me with tasks and their deadlines ahead of each course”.

Alice Busayo | LJMU – MSc in International Public Health

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Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Wonderful Mamas!