The Benefits of Online Learning: Productivity

The Benefits of Online Learning: Productivity


The business world is evolving. This has always been the case but the speed of the change has increased exponentially. Part of the reason for this phenomenon is that the world is becoming progressively interconnected, thus suddenly having competitors on one’s doorstep that previously only served distant markets. Another part is that maximised productivity is no longer optional but essential for the survival of a business.

While blame quickly falls on ‘greedy’ corporations, the reality is unfortunately not that simple. Many businesses need to cut costs and show adaptability to survive in today’s competitive market. This not only involves the business portfolio but also flexibility in working hours, versatility in customer care and having a living business strategy.

When looking at the words ‘flexibility’ and ‘productivity’ in conjunction with a workplace, they might immediately have a negative connotation to them. This shouldn’t be the case. Even though it might sound like something that businesses now require from you, it has a range of opportunities in store for your professional and private life. Not only does it open up new career paths that have previously not been available to you, but can also help you organise your daily life more efficiently.

What is important is that you do not fall behind on new developments, regardless of gender. Many service, manufacturing and administrative positions are partially replaced by automation, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and you need to be able to step out of the shoes of a worker and take over managing these new resources effectively. This concerns women even more so as the digital gender gap is unfortunately still widening in many nations.

How can you take advantage of this new reality?

If you embrace flexibility instead of fighting it, you can adjust the way you organise your day and therefore improve productivity. It can be you shifting your working or studying time to a time that is best suited for you. Many people have different times of the day when their mind works best. It can also help you open up your creativity as your job function may vary and you don’t end up having to do repetitive tasks. Furthermore, you can better showcase areas that you excel in within your organisation.

But flexibility does not just influence your activities at your workplace. You can also take advantage of it in your higher education. While most organisations might not be able to have you studying during the daytime, online learning eliminates that problem. Online study programmes enhance your ability to keep up with trends and insights, as well as further your career.



How does online learning benefit your productivity?

Studying always takes commitment and that has not changed. Programmes taught at a university level contain a lot of information whether on-campus or online. What has changed is the ability to fit different areas of your life simultaneously into your schedule. You now can have a full-time job, take care of your family and study. Additionally, you can immediately put the knowledge learned during your degree programme to use in your day to day activities. The practical application of your knowledge, on the other hand, helps you retain information for your studies. This way you don’t have to wait until your graduation before you can progress your career.

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