The Benefits of Online Learning: Cost

The Benefits of Online Learning: Cost

Studying abroad can be a great experience for you. The thought of living in a different place sounds exciting and relatively straight forward. What is important for you to know though is that there is a certain amount of preparation and thought involved. Besides the academic qualifications and the spare time needed, the cost of studying is one of the main decisive factors if you can study or not. Naturally, when speaking about money and studies, you might immediately think of tuition fees. But is this all you should consider?

Tuition fees

Yes, tuition fees can be a major cost factor. Depending on the university you select, you might either just pay an administrative fee in some countries or up to tens of thousands of dollars tuition fee. Mostly state/federal/government universities have lower fees but are sometimes grossly underfunded and understaffed. Ivy League colleges, on the other hand, have some of the highest tuition fees and tend to have a very good reputation but are not necessarily the best choice for your career goals. Ultimately, it comes down to the degree programme that gets you to your target. And with a Unicaf Scholarship, you can reach them at a fraction of the cost.


The second large expense is most likely the accommodation. Not taking into account that you might have a house or apartment at home, if you study at a university outside your home town, you will most likely face an expensive bill for rent. All around universities rents tend to skyrocket. This particularly affects smaller apartments, studios and dorm rooms. Due to the large influx of students into cities, the situation has gotten worse. Unable to cater to demand, hostels and dorm rooms are becoming overcrowded and the living condition deteriorates. You can avoid this situation by not having to relocate at all. Online learning lets you stay in your home while doing your studies.

Relocation cost

Unless you are lucky enough that you live in a city, or at least country, with a reputable university, relocation costs can quickly add up. This can include airfares, visa costs, shipping for your personal effects and the occasional returning home for holidays.

Lost income

Even if you have the opportunity to work during your studies, chances are that it won’t be related to your field of studies. Besides that many countries place restrictions on what kind of jobs you can do with a student visa, your schedule will keep you from doing a nine-to-five job. Studying online can eliminate this issue. You can stay at your current job, study outside your working hours and earn experience while studying. Additionally, you can apply the knowledge you learn from your studies at your work.


Last but definitely not least are expenses for books. Unfortunately, highly specialised books don’t get sold out of a $10 bargain bin. A price for a book exploring a specific topic can be quiet hefty and you may need dozens throughout your degree programme. During Unicaf’s online studies, all material is provided for you and all you need is an internet connection, as well as a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You have access to Unicaf’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environoment that is the base for your studies. Ebooks, presentations, videos, etc are easily accessible and are ready whenever you need them.

Find out even more about Online Learning by visiting our dedicated page here. If you study through Unicaf, you also have the opportunity to apply for the Unicaf Scholarship programme. Simply follow the steps here and start your future today!