PhD Scholarships: Why do millions worth of scholarships go unclaimed each year?

PhD Scholarships: Why do millions worth of scholarships go unclaimed each year?

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Every year thousands of PhD scholarships go unclaimed as applicants fail to search at the right places. Eligible PhD candidates miss their opportunities to receive a grant due to misinformation.

PhD Student Anxiety

PhD tuition fees in the US generally range between $23,000 – $43.000 per year (according to the National Centre for Education Statistics). Many students face serious financial stress as they need to find a way to pay for these astronomical fees. Besides tuition fees, students need to pay for their accommodation, travel, and living expenses. Unquestionably, carrying out a doctoral degree can be a challenging period for the candidates but having to worry about all the degree-associated costs adds even more strain to students.

Online Learning Reduces Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees

Fortunately, younger generations have become more familiar with the possibilities of affordable online degrees. Online studies help students to keep their jobs, lower associated to study costs, and stay in their home countries and balancing study and family commitments. Online studies also enables them to develop research projects and their thesis while still being productive in their everyday life. That is why thousands of applicants opt for an online PhD degree as it is of the same value and credibility as an on-campus degree but significantly cheaper.

Online learning is the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to study nowadays while managing other tasks and obligations. Flexible online PhD degrees are meticulously designed to help students complete their research and coursework while still networking and collaborating with fellow researches from anywhere in the world.

Besides decreasing tuition fees, online learning has made higher education more accessible and inclusive. It provides the right conditions for all students to succeed equally. Even though tuition fees of online degree are lower than on-campus ones, funding still remains a major concern for many PhD candidates. Many PhD applicants tend to look at government funding, where only a small percentage receives studentship. Also state committees pre-select and decide the research thesis for the applicants. Furthermore, many PhD scholarship applicants mistakenly believe that previous qualifications and experience are the most defining factors to receive a grant. For this reason, thousands of PhD scholarships go unclaimed every year.  Thankfully, though, not all scholarships are merit-based.

Major PhD Scholarships 

Unicaf is a global online education platform that has awarded countless PhD scholarships to many underprivileged but motivated and gifted students worldwide. Unicaf’s mission is to make tertiary education accessible to everyone; especially those who live in remote areas striving to achieve personal growth and positively impact their societies. Therefore, past academic qualifications and grades should not be the primary criteria when deciding on a scholarship, as the Unicaf Scholarship Committee argues.

Unicaf acknowledges the broad challenges of many disadvantageous areas and thus wishes to attract qualified and skilled individuals. Educated scholars that will, later on, make a difference and improve their lives and their local communities.

The organisation supports overlooked and underserved areas by investing in their education to reinforce the local economic growth. So far, Unicaf has helped more than 43,000 students by awarding more than $100 million worth of scholarships. Talented individuals from around the world had the opportunity to earn prestigious degrees with a scholarship that made a huge difference in their lives and the local communities.

Unicaf Scholarship recipient and Doctorate of Education student Conceptor Kachoka from Malawi, explains, “The PhD has improved my leadership skills; I can apply everything I learned”.

Internationally Recognised PhDs

Unicaf University (UU), Unicaf’s partner university, is an independent institution and a pioneer in online learning offering a wide range of recognised doctoral degrees. UU students can benefit from its advantageous digital platform and use its innovative learning tools to complete their coursework. UU offers 24/7 access to its e-libraries, virtual study rooms, and continuous support from instructors and advisers. Aspiring students who live in remote areas can choose an online doctoral degree and become PhD holders through Unicaf University without putting their lives on hold.