The Pandemic as an Inspiration for a New Career

18 AUG 2020 By Eva K
The Pandemic as an Inspiration for a New Career

The rising importance of healthcare managers

Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the significance of the healthcare sector at the national and international levels. As a result, governments and private healthcare organisations seek to employ capable, well-trained healthcare managers and leaders. Not just to handle disease outbreaks, but also to help maintain the physical and mental health of the population. At the same time, unemployment rates are rising dramatically, and people are searching for new job opportunities. Thus, many professionals looking for a new position view the pandemic as an inspiration for a new career in health management.

Indisputably, the public and private health management sectors are just as essential in both developing and already developed countries. Obviously, in the developing world, public health lacks the necessary infrastructure and facilities. However, even countries with sophisticated public health systems and a long tradition in training medical staff seem incapable of containing the spread of the coronavirus. This may be due to a number of reasons, from budget cuts in national health systems, homelessness and addictions to inefficient management.

On the other hand, gigantic private hospitals in large cities like New York, Beijing, London or Tokyo, are trying to attract good managers to lead them. In other words, both private and public healthcare providers across the globe are searching for well-trained managers.

Qualify in health management with a UK university

In response to this demand, Unicaf offers online learning opportunities for public health and healthcare management with its partners the University of Suffolk in the UK and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa.

The British University of Suffolk has selected Unicaf for the online delivery of its MSc Public Health degree programme. The University of Suffolk is a transformational university, aiming to change the lives of individuals and communities for the better.

More specifically, this programme is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to public health. It is suitable for students who intend to pursue careers in public health practice, management and/or research at local, national and/or supranational levels.

The core focus of the degree is on improving the health and well-being of populations, preventing health problems and reducing inequalities in health. It explores a broad range of contemporary public health issues, supported by leading experts. Students also benefit from the exchange of experiences with fellow students from different countries and public health systems around the world.

Furthermore, the degree awarded by the University to online and on-campus students is exactly the same. Online students can even attend the graduation ceremony at the University’s campus in the UK, together with on-campus graduates, subject to visa restrictions.

Earn online an internationally recognised Master’s in Healthcare Management

In addition, Unicaf University offers, through online delivery, the MBA in Health Management and the MSc Healthcare Management. Both programmes are locally accredited by the respective national accreditation bodies. In addition, the Malawi and Zambia campuses of UU are accredited internationally by the British Accreditation Council, in the UK.

Programme modules range from Operational Management and Marketing in Health Organisations to Epidemiology, Health Economics, Public Health Leadership and Health Law and Ethics.

These Master’s degrees aim to prepare leaders in the public and private healthcare sectors. Hence they impart a wide range of knowledge and skills covering administration and finance, design, planning, and provision of healthcare.

Most importantly, both programmes are available via online study. The Unicaf online digital platform offers multiple advantages to students. You benefit from greatly reduced fees, study in own your free time, and network with professionals in other countries.

Both Unicaf University degree programmes lead to internationally recognised Master’s qualifications.

Career opportunities in Health Management

Because of the current pandemic crisis, graduates of public health management are in great demand. They can work for local authorities, government departments, national health systems, and health-related agencies. Internationally they may find positions with the World Health Organisation or the UN, the UNHCR, Unicef and other international agencies. They can also study for a Doctoral degree to pursue careers in universities as academics or researchers.

Similarly, Healthcare management graduates can work as administrators or leaders of healthcare facilities, directors of health services, or consultants. Alternatively, they can follow the route to academia or research, by opting for a Doctorate in Healthcare Management.

In addition, both Public Health and Healthcare Managers can work for Non-profit organisations and NGOs, developing essential healthcare campaigns.

In short, you can view the pandemic crisis as an inspiration for a new career. Enroll for an online health management degree through Unicaf. You can study from home, at an affordable cost with a Unicaf scholarship. Your internationally recognised Master’s will enhance your CV and prepare you for a managerial career in the health sector.