The Value of an MBA in Finance During the Digital Era

The Value of an MBA in Finance During the Digital Era

The Transformation of the MBA in Finance

The MBA is the “king” of all Master’s degrees but many speculated that its popularity would incline as the interest shifted towards more tech degrees. Nevertheless, the rapid growth of digital finance, investment, and cryptocurrency has transformed the previously rigid MBA degrees. For this reason, universities and business schools updated their curriculum to embrace the new digital era.

Digital finance provides several advantages for developing economies as it increases investments between providers and individuals (Ozili, 2018). Nowadays, financial inclusion has significantly accelerated the speed of product and service delivery in businesses (Shofawati 2019). As the digital economy is evolving rapidly, technology and business must go hand in hand to achieve economic growth.

Uncovering Myths

When thinking of an MBA in Finance many conceptualise a very math-oriented degree; however, this is a preconceived opinion. When studying for a finance degree, learners primarily develop management and analytical skills. Also, they learn how to use their observation skills and achieve realistic financial goals for different enterprises. It is a versatile programme that focuses on understanding core principles, applying contemporary theories and evaluating business functions.

Another misconception is that finance experts work behind piles of papers and barely interact with other professionals. In fact, experts in the field of finance use their communication skills as they need to negotiate to reach an agreement. Also, they learn how to explain complex data and figures in simple words. Finance experts meticulously plan their speeches and proposals to deal with customers, suppliers and investors and avoid conflict of interest. Therefore, it is a job where they can also develop leadership skills as they facilitate growth within the company.

The Great Possibilities of an MBA in Finance 

World’s leading finance and investment firms worldwide recruit MBA in Finance graduates who have a deep understanding of corporate finance, banking, and strategic management. Finance analysts and experts are the ones responsible for the smooth operation of the markets and financial institutions. As more companies and governments worldwide adopt digitalisation and new technologies to be more competitive, the demand for finance experts increases.

MBA in Finance graduates can work in various sectors beyond banking and investment as nearly all businesses carry out financial activities and operations. Employers are looking for individuals who can run their financial services, perform market analysis, forecast, negotiate, prepare budgets and many more. Finance is simply everywhere; for this, professionals enjoy lucrative careers and high salaries in a very stable and in-demand profession.

Learning has moved Online 

As many aspiring finance students already work and have other commitments, online learning is the most suitable study method to improve their career development. Top-tier universities use online platforms to accommodate international students and working professionals. An online MBA in Finance allows students to access a network of experts and industry professionals and build relationships with potential employers or associates. Traditional degrees are more restricting as students interact mainly with classmates and professors. On the other hand, online students can experience firsthand the application of technologies in education. They collaborate in virtual group projects, research extensive e-libraries, and analyse online markets. Also, students can benefit from their online classes as they can manage their studying time and maximise their productivity.

Most importantly, students learn how to reason internet information and assess trends while studying online. There is no question that we live in a digital era, and businesses are participating actively in this digital race.

Internationally Recognised Degrees

Acquiring an online MBA in Finance enables aspiring professionals to pursue a career in multiple areas and businesses. However, as it is a very competitive workplace, candidates with recognised qualifications are preferred. Therefore, postgraduate students should make an informed choice when it comes to the university and the programme they want to study for. Unicaf University’s MBA in Finance programme is accredited and internationally recognised and ideal for working professionals who want to network with business professionals while studying. Learners can enjoy a flexible study mode and manage their own time effectively and study at their own pace.


If you are thinking of an MBA in Finance, you’ve come to the right place. Study online with a Unicaf Scholarship and earn the degree that will skyrocket your career.