Five Reasons Why You Should Choose A Degree In Healthcare

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose A Degree In Healthcare

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller.

Healthcare workers are the first people to think of when reading this quote. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and ambulance drivers go to work every day to treat illnesses and injuries. For many of them, this is not just a job – it’s a calling. They know that patients are relying on them to live longer, better, and healthier.

Undeniably, the healthcare sector is extremely important to society and the demand for primary care workers and specialists is increasing day by day. The recent COVID-19 pandemic brought sweeping changes worldwide with an urgent call for more workers. Additionally, recent data reports show that the global population is ageing rapidly and that is why healthcare degrees are now more popular than ever.

Whether it is your first degree or a Master’s degree, here are five reasons why you should choose a career in the healthcare industry:

1. Career Stability and High Salaries

Pursuing a degree in healthcare is one of the most stable career paths a student can follow. There are abundant job openings in the healthcare and related industries for graduates and experienced professionals. Medicine is one of the oldest professions and it will always be a necessity as long as there is life on earth. Many health facilities are severely understaffed, while patients need urgent attendance. Furthermore, chronic diseases and other health conditions are on the rise due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and living conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030, global deaths due to chronic diseases will reach 70%. The regions that will “suffer the most are Africa and Eastern Mediterranean countries. Therefore, a sufficient and competent healthcare workforce is needed to address common health issues, particularly in the aforementioned areas.

Besides job stability, healthcare workers enjoy a secure income and significant salary raises as one of the safest and most recession-proof jobs. Physicians, doctors, and nurses all work under very stressful and risky conditions and for this reason they are highly rewarded.

2. Healthcare has gone Online

Healthcare degrees have become very popular, and that is why we observe a general increase in tuition fees. On-campus studies bring additional costs that “force” students to save up, borrow, get a loan, or even drop out due to insufficient sources. Therefore, online healthcare degrees are more advantageous and cheaper than traditional ones. Students can study and work at the same time and thus avoid costs related to studying abroad. Online learning is more practical for professionals who cannot postpone their work duties but still need the qualification. Due to how flexible online degrees are, students can study from anywhere, organising their own schedules. Students attend online lectures, submit coursework, observe other professionals, and learn new skills by just connecting to their devices.

3. Job Satisfaction

A career in healthcare provides an exceptional opportunity to help others. The pressure at work might be demotivating to many, but saving lives makes all the tough moments go away. It is challenging but highly fulfilling, learning every day from new cases and remaining up-to-date on the latest advancements.

Healthcare workers play an important role in many people’s lives. They help patients overcome serious health issues and relieve them while they are hospitalised. Moreover, they take care of them and provide emotional support. Healthcare professionals choose a career where they can make a huge impact on others. They are truly modern-day, real-life heroes.

4. Work Opportunities Worldwide

A recognised and accredited degree in healthcare can be your ticket to work around the world. It is one of the largest industries to work in, offering many fields of specialisation. Graduates can find a job in hospitals, outpatient care facilities, private practices, and various health departments. Healthcare graduates can work wherever they wish to – in most countries, the main criterion is to speak the official language. With an ageing population growing fast, healthcare workers are in high demand in many places. Unboundedly, earning an internationally recognised degree makes it easier to find a job abroad.

5. Unicaf Scholarships for Healthcare Degrees

Students can now study through Unicaf which is offering scholarships for online British Master’s degrees. Eligible candidates can apply to earn their scholarship and gain the necessary skills to work in various healthcare divisions. Unicaf invests in talent and potential, helping qualified students to obtain internationally recognised degrees. The mission of the organisation is to improve the lives of many people in disadvantaged areas by providing access to quality higher education. Through a Unicaf Scholarship, graduates can earn a valuable degree to help their communities and the healthcare system.

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