You Don’t Have to Move to the UK to Earn a British Bachelor’s Degree

14 NOV 2022 By Unicaf Team
You Don’t Have to Move to the UK to Earn a British Bachelor’s Degree

The Value of a British Degree

British Bachelor’s degrees have always been of high value in both the literal and the metaphorical sense. The excellence of British education has been attracting thousands of students from all over the world, while for others it has been an unattainable dream they cannot afford. The high costs of tuition fees, the expensive cost of living and travel costs are a big burden for many.

Though, with Unicaf, you don’t have to move to the UK to earn a British Bachelor’s degree. Through its partnerships with reputable British universities, Unicaf strives to eliminate the distance between student and campus, decrease costs and provide a balance between work and study. The online delivery and the Unicaf Scholarship Programme facilitate the learning journeys of hundreds of students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. In this way, the excellence of British degrees becomes accessible to everyone.

The Partnership between Unicaf and the University of Suffolk

Unicaf’s proud partnership with the University of Suffolk (UOS) focuses on education’s transformational role within society. “The university is a distinctive, thriving academic community which makes a clear and immediate impact, with the purpose to change the lives of individuals and communities for the better.” This partnership has just been strengthened even more with the addition of three brand-new and currently in-demand Bachelor’s degree programmes:

The disciplines of Business, Computing and Law hold a powerful position within the global job market. There is an increasing need for a skilled workforce in these fields, as more and more companies, multinational and small, emerge and evolve. Effective management, innovative technological solutions and reliable legal operations set the foundations of a successful business.

Each of these programmes will follow a 360-credit scheme and they can be completed in 2 to 5 years. They are 100% online, with 24/7 access through the state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The degrees are self-paced and the flexible structure of lectures allows students to access the material anywhere, anytime.

The 3 New Degrees in a Nutshell

BA Business Management:

The programme gives an overview of how businesses work and how managers can improve business performance and productivity. It explores basic principles of management, leadership and strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing. Moreover, the students will gain a broad range of skills and a thorough understanding of key techniques of business management. Additionally, as this degree prepares students for a career in business and management, they will develop further soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, collaboration and critical thinking. Finally, they will have the chance to specialise in the specific industry that interests them the most to build their future careers.

BSc Computing:

The programme provides a thorough understanding of the practical and theoretical fundamentals of computing. It aims to expose students to established theories, practices and tools for the successful design, development and maintenance of computer-based systems. Additionally, the students will develop knowledge and computing skills in the fields of cyber security, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, networking and software engineering. During their studies, they will have the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving and evaluation skills in the design, development and testing of technological solutions. They will also explore a number of methods and techniques that they will have to apply in real-world projects and computing scenarios.

LLB Law:

This programme will expose students to basic legal concepts, principles and values to gain a firm understanding of the subject of Law and the contexts in which it functions. Also, the degree focuses on the use of law to solve problems. Therefore, the modules are specifically designed to encourage the development of strong legal and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the students will have the opportunity to analyse the impact of Law on society. They will engage in legal reasoning and apply their knowledge and skills in different law contexts. This degree programme also aims to enable students to learn and research independently, which will be undoubtedly beneficial for their future legal careers.

Earn your British Bachelor’s Degree from the Comfort of your Home

If you think that a career in the above fields would suit you, visit our partners’ page. Read the full programme descriptions and the relevant module outlines and choose your desired degree. Apply today to benefit from our exclusive offer. We offer £1 million worth of scholarships for an Online British Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Graduate from the University of Suffolk with an internationally recognised degree and give yourself a very competitive advantage once you enter the job market.

Don’t delay your dreams, education and growth!