Virtual Learning Environment – The New Portal to Higher Education

Virtual Learning Environment – The New Portal to Higher Education

Our Life Online – Virtual Learning Environment

So many aspects of daily life happen online these days. Technology has revolutionised the way we meet, communicate, shop, and learn. Online learning has become very popular for people in rural areas, far away from schools and universities, but also in urban settings among professionals and family carers, who wish to study without disrupting their career or family life. In fact, many more people would like to earn a degree in order to improve their employment chances, further their career, increase their earnings, and build their future.

Some people shy away in the face of technology, while others fear that lack of regular human interaction would make them prone to drop out of their course. UNICAF, a generous Scholarship Programme benefitting thousands of students in Africa and the world, has developed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which affords total flexibility, enabling students to interact with tutors and fellow students, from any location they happen to be, and at any time it is convenient for them. The VLE is a new portal to higher education. It provides access to course material, lecture notes, e-textbooks and videos. It facilitates the submission of concluded assignments, as well as the exchange of comments and feedback. In fact, many students claim they have a stronger contact with their tutors than they would in a traditional classroom setting. Through the VLE, students receive updates and instructions from their tutors to make sure they keep to their recommended study schedules.

A basic knowledge of computers is sufficient to enable navigation of the digital learning platform. All UNICAF students have the benefit of following a special induction module before their actual course begins. This guides them through all the features of the VLE, helping them become familiar with the operation of the system, so that they can concentrate on their learning.

UNICAF students can log on from their PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone 24 hours a day, provided they have connection to the Internet. Personal computers are available for the use of students in all UNICAF Information and Learning Centres, found in various locations around the world.

If you would like to discover for yourself how easy, flexible, affordable and beneficial online studying with UNICAF can be, please visit UNICAF Online Experience or contact us at and start building the future you are dreaming of.