Unicaf & LJMU Announce 4 Brand-New Master’s Degree Programmes

05 MAY 2022 By Andrew E
Unicaf & LJMU Announce 4 Brand-New Master’s Degree Programmes

Liverpool John Moores University LJMU has announced the introduction of four new online Master’s degree programmes in partnership with Unicaf. The 4 new programmes, which are planned to launch in July 2022 are:

  • MSc in Civil Engineering
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc International Transport, Trade and Logistics
  • MSc Computing and Information Systems.

Each of these programmes will follow a 180-credit scheme, with six 20-credit taught modules and one 60-credit dissertation module. The full list of programmes offered through the partnership is available here.

Students currently completing their Bachelor’s degrees should be thrilled to learn about these new MSc courses. They provide students with a chance to gain both educational qualifications and professional skills for jobs that are incredibly well-performing and sought-after in the job market today.

Hundreds of students are already benefitting from the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, and are studying towards one of the Master’s degrees offered through the Unicaf – LJMU partnership.

Find some more information about each new course being offered below:

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

The overall aim of the programme is to produce postgraduates who are able to develop into Chartered Engineers. It aims to develop the skills needed by those who will take leadership roles within the civil engineering profession. In particular, it aims to provide a route for a student with a BEng in Civil or Structural Engineering to fulfil the learning requirements for Chartered Engineer status. 

Students will develop a complete and thorough understanding of civil engineering as well as a critical awareness of the current issues in the field by the end of the programme. Furthermore, students are encouraged to develop their conceptual understanding and to evaluate the latest research and design methodologies.

Master of Science in Project Management

The focus of the programme is to develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills appropriate to a wide range of project management roles in the global marketplace resulting in the development of self-reliant, versatile, enterprising and competent project managers.

Students are encouraged to tackle difficult and pertinent problems and challenges in order to develop analytical, critical and research skills pertaining to the position of a Project Manager. Additionally, an understanding of project management theories and strategies is expected and encouraged.

Master of Science in International Transport, Trade and Logistics

The educational aims of the programme are that the student should be exposed to, and develop, a broad range of skills relating to International Transport, Trade and Logistics.

Students are encouraged to develop the ability to organise thoughts, analyse, synthesise and critically appraise data at the Master’s level. They should be able to solve complex problems through the creation, identification and evaluation of options and analyse a range of case study organisations in light of industry best practices relating to sustainability.

In addition, students are required to use qualitative and quantitative methods for the solution of problems as well as to conduct research into Operations Management issues through research design, secondary data collection, analysis, synthesis and reporting.

Master of Science in Computing and Information Systems

The overall aim of the programme is to provide graduates who are working or planning to work in a computing environment, with the opportunity to enhance their career prospects by gaining additional knowledge and skills in the areas of Computing, Information Systems and Management of Computer Technology. 

Students will be provided with a more rounded, systematic understanding of current and developing computer technologies. The programme will provide students with a comprehensive understanding, critical awareness and ability to evaluate contemporary research issues.

If you think you might be eligible and are interested in applying for a Unicaf Scholarship, fill in the form here and begin your university journey today!