5 Tips to Achieve Proper Time Management Throughout Your Day

5 Tips to Achieve Proper Time Management Throughout Your Day

“Time isn’t the main thing, it is the only thing.” – Miles Davis


Time is a critical component of all spheres of life. Sometimes, however, it feels like you are always in a rush trying to catch up with passing time. Hours in a day never seem enough and you always have items in your to-do list unchecked. Time management can be challenging especially in regards to a whole day. It is easy to organise yourself for a few hours but when it comes to the whole day time may slip through your fingers without you noticing. Below are time management tips that will help you stay on top of things.

Time Management Tip: Set Up a Morning Ritual

First thing, you need to set a morning ritual. A morning ritual is a routine that you follow every morning to get your day started. It can be simple like a motivation playlist or a workout routine like running. In fact, physical activity like running is said to release a feel-good chemical in your brain called dopamine that helps to motivate you. This is especially important because doing a specific routine daily gets you moving even when you do not feel like it. Your body gets used to the routine and it helps your body prepare for the day.

Time Management Tip: Create a To-Do List

You should identify, write down and schedule what you want to do during the day. Writing down activities keeps you from forgetting any important things you should do. These may range from work, running errands, taking care of your health, and even relaxing. Most people tend to forget to allocate time for them to rest well. Remember to take care of yourself. In addition, you should also include any hobby activities you want to start to engage in. For instance, learning music, taking an art class or anything else. You should determine how long each activity takes to complete and schedule your time throughout the day accordingly.

Time management Tip: Work Smart Not Necessarily Hard

Advancement in technology has made almost everything easier and manageable within a short time. To save on time and resources, learn to work smart. Use available tools and resources to get things done within the shortest time possible and with the least amount of energy. For instance, create drafts for recurrent tasks and just schedule when you would like them sent to respective recipients. This also applies to non-work activities like studying. Thanks to technology, you can study online and still get internationally recognised degrees. Such flexibility will allow you to do more in a day like going to work and studying online in the evening.

Time Management Tip: Begin With the most Important Task

Start with the task high in your priority list when you steel down. If you start with minor or unimportant duties you will find yourself wasting time. Moreover, you will realise that time is far gone and begin feeling the pressure to deliver on the important tasks. By the time you get to them, you will not give them the attention they need. This is because you still have a lot to do in a short time and might be tempted to multitask. So, whether working or studying, always start with important tasks.

Time Management Tip: Be flexible

Lastly, despite being very organised and scheduling everything to the minute, learn to be flexible. This is because things may not always go as planned. A meeting you thought would take an hour at work may take two, forty-five minutes on traffic instead of fifteen, or even worse you may get sick. No one plans for these things but they do happen. When they do, be flexible and come up with creative solutions. For example, leave a time buffer for every activity. A few minutes before or after your activity so that you can cater for the time in case an activity takes longer than scheduled. Organise your day but stay flexible all the time.