Student Ambassador Showcase: Deous Kumwenda

25 SEP 2015 By Admin
Student Ambassador Showcase: Deous Kumwenda

Hello everyone!

My name is Deous Kumwenda, a Malawian resident in Ghana.  I qualified as a physics teacher 14 years ago. After working for five years, I tried very hard to find a scholarship for my further studies, but without success. It was in August 2014 that UNICAF granted me a scholarship to study Master of Education degree with the University of Nicosia. This was a dream come true.

I am quite happy with the program I am pursuing because of its relevance to my work. The program has helped to understand the theory and practice of educational leadership. The skills I have acquired from the program have enabled me to make effective contributions to my work place, particularly in the area of professional development.

I am optimistic that upon completion of the program, I will be able to secure a senior leadership position in education or related fields.

To all students in Africa with a great ambition to pursue further studies, take advantage of UNICAF scholarships and improve your career prospects. It’s never too late! Apply now!