South Africa’s Education System in ‘Crisis’

17 MAR 2016 By Unicaf Team
South Africa’s Education System in ‘Crisis’

The Education system in South Africa faces a number of challenges despite the fact it has one of the highest rates of public investment in the world, with the South Africa government spending more on education than on any other sector.

“We face many problems in education” as Angie Motshekga mentioned in BBC News.

Poor Teaching

There is poor teaching because teacher’s knowledge of English has to be upgraded. Also some teachers are not coming up to work for parts of the week as a result students can lose out long time of learning.


Children use mini buses to cover long distances, some over 30 km away, to the schools in suburbs.

Some will be travelling to private schools, but the majority goes to the state-funded schools which are better.

Children Failed

It’s sad that a big percentage of children failed their end of school examination for the academic year.

The reason is not a lack of funding but quality education for everyone is not there. South Africa often comes near the bottom in math and science tests.

Apart from these negatives that we come up against there are many online universities that can solve many problems in education.

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