Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

What are scholarship opportunities?

A scholarship could be defined as financial aid that relieves the burden of tuition fees and living costs that students and families have to pay to secure a place in secondary and tertiary education. Considering the rising costs of student expenses and debts, we could nowadays describe education as a privilege of the few.

However, education should be everyone’s legitimate right, not just a luxury for the financially fortunate. Consequently, scholarship opportunities are made to ensure everyone’s inclusion in education. Scholarship opportunities aim to unlock academic and career paths and shape contributing professionals of society, thus enhancing people’s careers.

Worldwide institutions and awarding bodies offer several scholarship opportunities to people who desire to earn a degree but cannot afford it. Without the financial support of outside sources, these people would otherwise have to put their dreams on hold; left abandoned on a dusty shelf most probably forever.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Therefore, the whole educational sector ought to make a change by offering scholarship opportunities for both inclusion and intellectual progress. In turn, the new graduates will have the ability to give back to the world and make an impact.

Unicaf offers one of the most generous Scholarship Programmes available today; aiming to facilitate education in the pan-African region and positively contribute to the local communities.

Why chase scholarship opportunities?

It is extremely important to chase scholarship opportunities due to the financial, ethical, intellectual and social rewards that you will be granted. It goes without saying that the financial help a scholarship can offer is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t let the opportunity slip away. Student financial support has undeniably immense effects on one’s academic performance. The student is able to focus on his studies since he doesn’t suffocate from the pressure of loans and debts. Additionally, scholarship opportunities sustain higher levels of student satisfaction. The individual doesn’t have to work long hours or overtime to pay for his tuition fees, but rather spends more time with his family, networks with classmates and immerses himself in his chosen field of study.

Moreover, a scholarship is definitely a gold seal on a CV as it adds value to one’s academic and professional profile. Awarded students tend to show greater appreciation towards their scholarship provider having the extra obligation of reaffirming their eligibility. It may seem obvious, but hard work, motivation and a thirst for learning can bring about amazing results. By sharing their knowledge and experience, these future professionals will contribute to the local communities and the world in general.

What is the Unicaf Scholarship Programme and how do I benefit from it?

Have you ever caught yourself painstakingly searching for the best deal for a product you have been desiring for ages? You have browsed all possible sources and compared prices, shipping costs and product features, hoping for a miracle to happen. The struggle is real and quite stressful. We all know it, especially when we’re preparing ourselves to make a big-money purchase; call it a watch, a mobile phone or a car.

Same goes for education. You can’t simply sit in front of a screen, bargain hunting in an unemotional way. Being able to have the confidence to make the potentially life-changing decision to choose the right academic institution for you is incredibly important. This is why the Unicaf Scholarship Programme was founded; to offer gifted, underprivileged students the opportunity to pursue an internationally accredited qualification. 

Partnering with renowned British universities, Unicaf offers the possibility of earning a reputable, accredited and affordable degree either online or through the blended mode of learning. Eligible students can receive up to a 75% generous scholarship and a customised payment plan. In this way, they will not have to sacrifice their academic ambitions due to financial restraints.

Am I eligible for a Unicaf scholarship

Unicaf scholarship opportunities are available for all Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programmes from Unicaf University and its UK partners. The key three parameters to consider a candidate’s eligibility are the below:

Academic qualifications: Candidates should meet the entry requirements of the respective programme of study.

Financial ability: Candidates should be financially ready to pay the remaining portion of their fees.

Country of residence: Different scholarships apply depending on the students’ country of residence.

So, what’s next? How do I apply for a scholarship?

If you are considering applying for a Unicaf scholarship you are just a click away. You only need the power of the internet to go online and search our website to apply directly from there. You can also check the 2022 MBA Scholarship opportunities currently available that have elevated many careers. Seize one of Unicaf’s amazing scholarship opportunities and start learning.

Firstly, you have to enter your information, submit your scholarship request and then proceed to complete all the academic eligibility steps of the application. You should always check your e-mails, so you don’t miss any important information and keep up-to-date. Don’t worry if you are not able to check your e-mails often, as Unicaf’s student advisers will reach out to you. They will constantly guide you through the entire process and resolve any issues you may experience.

Finally, the admissions office along with the scholarship committee are those who review your academic qualifications and financial situation. They aim to offer you the best scholarship opportunity and the most suitable payment plan for the small percentage of fees not covered by the scholarship. The procedure is straightforward, easy to follow, brief and most importantly – everything happens online. Before you know it, the coveted scholarship will pop up in your inbox!

Numbers speak for themselves

The Unicaf organisation has awarded more than $100 million worth of scholarships to 50,000 students since 2012, enabling thousands of qualified students to become empowered professionals. Through its participation in local events such as the entrepreneurship summit, financial conferences and social responsibility projects, Unicaf has shaped a world of inclusion and endless academic possibilities. Hence, it’s not accidental that worldwide news websites have praised the organisation and its invaluable scholarship opportunities. The New York Times stated in a relevant article that “Africa may have the most important higher education story”. 

What students have to say about their scholarship opportunities

It’s common knowledge that “your people are your best marketing”. The Unicafian community sums this up in a few lines below.

“Before receiving my scholarship, I thought it’d have been impossible to pursue a Master’s degree at one of the best schools in the UK. Through financial support and a very efficient digital platform, I can study for an MSc in International Public Health from the prestigious Liverpool John Moores University and positively impact Public Health in my country.” – Christina Mulwa, MSc in International Public Health.

“Without this scholarship, I would not have realised my dream of studying for a British Master’s degree, making my family and country proud of my achievement.” – Natasha Lisa Jervier, MA International Relations.

Take action

The reasons above should be more than enough to convince you to chase a scholarship opportunity. So, what are you waiting for? Your future is in your hands, and it is just a click away! The almost non-existent debts, the flexibility, and the excellent virtual learning environment platform are designed so you can have a smooth, peaceful and pleasant journey in education. Thus, scholarship opportunities are the channels for everyone to ensure a seat in this journey, irrespective of financial background, race and gender.