Professional Development Courses: University of California Riverside Extension

Professional Development Courses: University of California Riverside Extension

Unicaf, in partnership with the University of California: Riverside Extension, offers 7 professional development courses to its students!

The courses all range between 4 and 8 weeks, and cover a wide array of subjects, so anyone will surely find an interest!

The 7 Professional Development Courses that are offered by UCR are:

  1. Psychology: Understanding your Emotions and Improving your Social Skills (4 Weeks)
  2. Hospitality Management: New Trends Affecting the Hotel Sector and Their Implications in Your Career (7 Weeks)
  3. Human Resources: Hiring and Managing Talent in the 21st Century (4 Weeks)
  4. Project Management: Foundations for Success (4 Weeks)
  5. Marketing Management (6 Weeks)
  6. Organizational Leadership: Success Through Maximising the Capabilities of the Employees (6 Weeks)
  7. Business Management: Develop Your Understanding of Contemporary Issues within Management (8 Weeks)

Each of these courses will provide you with a masterclass in the area of your choice, and will help you expand your educational repertoire without the long-term sacrifice of a multi-year university programme!

Apply for a University of California: Riverside Extension professional development course today and receive an additional 30% scholarship on the offered price! At the end of it you will also receive a UCR Certificate of completion!

To find out more information about the professional development courses listed above, follow the link to see the full list of professional development courses offered by Unicaf! With over 350 to choose from, it’s impossible not to find at least one that you want to follow! So take a look and register now!