Your Personality Can be More Attractive Than Your CV | 5 Traits Needed to Succeed in Corporate Finance

Your Personality Can be More Attractive Than Your CV | 5 Traits Needed to Succeed in Corporate Finance

Having the perfect CV that ticks all the boxes in a job description might be a hit point for getting a job but, keep in mind that there are hiring managers out there who aim to meet the person behind that CV or cover letter. The same people often hire employees simply for their personality instead of their skills. This is happening because skills can be taught, whereas kindness, patience, positivity, insightfulness and willingness are traits we have either developed from a young age or innate characteristics. In the corporate finance world – where everything revolves around important financial decisions, investments, accounting and cash flows, some qualities might attract the interviewer’s attention. 

Consider these five must-have qualities and make sure you “sell” yourself, your personality, qualities and soft skills appropriately. 

1. Be Positive

A recent poll on LinkedIn revealed that more than 35% of professionals agree that having a positive attitude is crucial when looking for new hires. Being positive in the corporate finance world (and in most professions) often reflects career success. Thus make sure you maintain your positivity throughout your whole career. If you’re having trouble being positive, keep these points in mind: don’t criticise others, don’t complain, and always prioritise teamwork.

2. Emotional Intelligence 

When looking to fill a new position, recruiters usually look for the ideal educational background and skills; but have you ever thought about how this person can be an excellent cultural fit for the company?  

For this reason, employers across the finance industry are now hiring for emotional intelligence. In fact, people with high emotional intelligence tend to work well with others. This is because they have the ability to recognise and understand their own and others’ emotions, whilst they are also able to manage them appropriately. Thus, don’t be surprised if you get asked questions such as ‘’When was the last time you motivated someone to do something?’’ or ‘’In case of a financial data mistake, how do you react?’’. The interviewer wants to find out whether you can engage with the company’s core values and goals and help it grow. 

3. A growth Mindset 

Mindset is everything – whether we are referring to personal or professional life. People with a growth mindset believe that they have the potential to grow, learn and thrive through practice and hard work. These people tend to be much more successful than those with a fixed mindset. These people believe that their talents are innate gifts and cannot be further developed. 

When applying for a corporate finance position, be prepared to answer questions such as ‘’How did you grow professionally while working in the industry’’, ‘’How willing are you to work with new people?’’ or ‘’Who inspires you?’’. Your answers can show a growth mindset, positive outlook and maturity. And of course, employers will hire those whose attitude and abilities will help grow the business, the brand and the profits. 

4. Detail Oriented 

When someone thinks of a detail-oriented person, they usually think of someone who is organised, highly observant and has control of everything. In the corporate finance industry, minor errors can easily become significant issues; thus, paying attention to every little detail is a valuable skill. During a job interview, hiring managers tend to ask questions such as ‘Describe us how you use your organisational skills in work?’. In this case, make sure you answer with clear, real-life examples from your previous work experience – whatever level you were in, exhibiting that you follow a clear layout and structure before you start a task. 

5. Adaptable Communication 

Communication is helpful in any profession. In the corporate finance world, employees need to communicate the story behind the numbers in a comprehensive way – both written and verbal. Imagine talking to clients who are not in the finance industry or even colleagues from other departments unfamiliar with financial terms. In this case, you have to make sure you have their attention as you use commonly used terms and simple language. Furthermore, corporate finance employees should be confident speaking in public to different media channels when appropriate. 

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