The benefits of Unicaf’s online MBA programme – An interview with an MBA graduate

The benefits of Unicaf’s online MBA programme – An interview with an MBA graduate

A Unicaf MBA graduate tells us why he chose to study online and discusses the benefits of the flexible online MBA programme. Drason Delong Browne is the Director of University Services at the University of the Southern Caribbean-Trinidad.

I am very happy to share my journey with others with the confidence that my story will create a natural appetite for academic lovers to join the institution.  

Tell us about your overall university experience.

Unicaf equates the most genuine meaning of two terms, ‘excellent’ and ‘rewarding’. The university experience highlights were the commitment to delivering high academic standards, quality teaching mixed with timely feedback, flexible modules, easy accessibility of course material, and a prestigious diploma.

Why did you choose Unicaf’s MBA programme? 

First and foremost, I chose the Unicaf MBA programme based on the following reasons: affordability, the professionalism of lecturers, international accreditation, and the opportunity for fully online learning and scholarship awards. Secondly, I selected the online MBA programme to develop the proper accounting skills and techniques, improve my managerial performance and propel my passion for cooperative excellence. Undoubtedly, Unicaf has solidified my leadership confidence.

How would you describe the online learning experience?

Through online learning, I could pursue my academic quest while at the same time, maintaining my professional work duties. In particular, Unicaf’s learning model creates an avenue for this to be possible. E-learning encourages high flexibility and convenience for the student. As a result, I could “attend” online lectures at my pace and in my comfortable space.

What are some academic goals you accomplished in university?

One of the goals that I attained as a student at Unicaf is networking. While working with professionals at the academic level, I created a professional network that is now a source of knowledge exchange. Besides, another goal set was that of full competence of course modules. By completing the weekly assignments, this goal met a successful reality. However, the final goal has not yet seen daylight. It is my desire one day to become an online lecturer for my Alma Mater-Unicaf.

What are the most important skills you gained from the MBA programme?

Unquestionably working as a Director has enabled me to use my leadership, marketing, effective communication and expert problem-solving skills. The MBA programme at Unicaf has solidified the skills mentioned above and introduced efficiency in strategic research and analysis, finance and networking.

How did your university experience prepare you for your future career?

My university experience at Unicaf has contributed greatly to my leadership role at the University of the Southern Caribbean. I am confident that I am better at managerial, financial, strategic and analytical tasks. Simply because of the learning exposure during my online MBA studies.

What advice would you give to a future student taking this course?

My advice is simple. Future students can anticipate an online MBA programme packaged with timely feedback and lectures from a qualified and expert faculty. To conclude, Unicaf will stretch your imagination and improve your professionalism through its internationally recognised programmes.

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