Why Nigerian IT Professionals Should Consider an MBA in Management Information Systems (MBA MIS)

Why Nigerian IT Professionals Should Consider an MBA in Management Information Systems (MBA MIS)


Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is among the top 3 most talked about in Africa, and among the top 10 attractive markets in Africa for foreign investors. This isn’t a shocking revelation considering the country’s population nearly hitting 200 million, with fast-growing internet penetration. According to Internet World Stats, Nigeria is ranked the 7th country with the highest internet penetration globally, and 1st in Africa.

In addition, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, and also the largest digital market in Africa. Consequentially, the need for local experts to provide local digital solutions to meet local technology demands has been on the rise.

Services ranging from software development, website design, software architecture, telecommunication services, mobile application development, data analytics, among others, have been on high demand due to the increasing need for IT solutions. Entrepreneurs within the tech space now provide most of these services in a bid to generate additional income. Some entrepreneurs also provide these services full time. Many of these tech projects are also outsourced to international tech firms overseas due to shortage of skills, among other reasons.

As internet penetration in Nigeria continues to increase, including the use of digital technology, requirements for information technology systems will increase accordingly. A country like Nigeria with a huge digital market requires qualified Management Information Systems (MIS) professionals. Most importantly, an MBA in Management Information Systems (MBA MIS) will make an ideal background for professionals with interest in information technology systems.

Where does Nigeria stand on the tech-map in Africa?

Giant global tech companies like Google, IBM, Ericsson, Microsoft and Facebook already have set footprints in Nigeria and establishing local offices. But locally rooted giant players like Sidmach Technologies, DataFlex, Omatek, Zinox Technologies, MainOne Cable are expanding rapidly. Some of these tech giants are already initiating various training programmes locally. They provide training, workshops, symposiums and various skill-based programmes in order to train local professionals. MainOne Cable, a leading data centre provider and fiber optics specialist in Nigeria recently announced plans to extend its services across Africa. The Nigerian data centre giant will be establishing a world-class data centre and submarine fibre optics cable connectivity systems in Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire by October 2019. Evidently, there is a growing need for IT professionals and data experts in Nigeria and across Africa.

Nonetheless, a common challenge with technology-focused entrepreneurs is the shortfall of business knowledge to drive their tech businesses. This challenge also extends to start-ups and other SMEs across various sectors. For ”tech-preneurs”, the ability to blend technology know-how to business management will certainly give that entrepreneur an edge. IT professionals seeking to advance their careers on informational technology systems should be solidly rooted educationally.

It is no longer a secret that many Nigerians and Africans now work for major tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM. Including heading strategic positions at these tech company’s headquarters.

Although the future may appear very colourful for IT professionals, it is likely to be very competitive. This is in consideration of the fast pace of technology growth globally, and increasing rate of IT professionals.

Are Nigerian IT professionals going to be left behind?

Professionals seeking to advance their careers on information technology should acquire the right education background required. This will prepare them to adventure into such a challenging and rapidly dynamic career path. Not only that it will help them stand out, but also to give them an edge for strategic roles in leading tech companies. This includes non-tech companies locally and globally seeking IT specialists and managers. An MBA in Management Information Systems can serve as the right foundation for professionals seeking to go into this space.


Why Should You Get an Online MBA in Management Information Systems?

An MBA in Management Information Systems will provide professionals with advanced knowledge of software and hardware systems.  Professionals will also become grounded on network administration, database systems, informatics and more. Professionals who have taken an MBA in Management Information System will possess the skills they need to drive projects to success and efficiency. MBA MIS focuses on information systems development, information systems management and other areas of informatics.

Students studying management information systems will become proficient in areas such as information systems design, information systems analysis, information risk management, information management tools and Client/server applications. Furthermore, they will be able to specialise on areas such as Systems Consultant, Big Data Analyst, IT Strategist and more.

Introducing Unicaf University’s Online MBA – Management Information Systems (MIS)

Unicaf University’s MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) is designed to provide the technical expertise and business acumen needed to secure advanced positions in the IT and business sectors. Graduates will gain advanced skills in software and hardware, network administration and database systems. In addition, they will be thoroughly equipped for a successful career in the industry.

During the programme, students will be able to study basic principles within the world of information systems. Also, they will become fully equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to become successful managers and handle valuable information and data systems.

About Unicaf University

Unicaf University is a pan-African institution, with established campuses and learning centres in 11 African countries. UNICAF offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of top quality through online and blended study system. The UNICAF education system brings an ample opportunity for students in Nigeria seeking internationally recognised degrees.

Candidates can also study in their home country through the online study system of Unicaf University. They can still study for these degrees “on campus” in one of the campuses or Study Centres of Unicaf University in Africa. Some of the Study Centres of Unicaf University in Africa are available in Rwanda, Zambia or Malawi, among others.

UNICAF’s Scholarship on MBA Management Information Systems

UNICAF offers partial scholarships to individuals seeking international education. More than USD 90 million worth of scholarships already awarded to students across Africa. Also, about 20,000 students across Africa have benefited from UNICAF scholarships.

Application for the Unicaf University MBA Management Information Systems

Candidates with an interest in Unicaf University’s MBA Management Information Systems can apply by visiting the application page here. Candidates should fill out the application form to express interest for the programme. Applicants will be contacted by a Student Adviser from Unicaf University within 48 hours of application.

Okeke Vincent Chidozie (Entrepreneur, Writer & Digital Education Consultant)