Does Your Income Potential Increase When You Get a Master’s Degree?

Does Your Income Potential Increase When You Get a Master’s Degree?


When investing, the return on investment is of high priority. This also applies to qualitative engagements in our lives like training, exercise, meditation, therapy and such. Therefore, you will most likely ask yourself, ‘Will my income increase after getting a master’s degree?” You are not alone. Many ask themselves the same question for any post-graduate programmes. In fact, most people enrol in postgraduate programmes with the goal of ultimately impacting their income.

Due to the fact that different people pursue different degree programmes, the answer to that question may vary greatly. For instance, you might have realised that some professions usually benefit greatly from seeking quality higher education; while others only enjoy a modest income increase over time. In light of this, there are several factors you might want to put into consideration before enrolling in a master’s degree program.

The Kind of Master’s Degree Programme Impacts Your Income

There are fields which seem to favour higher degrees more than others. This is according to a study conducted by the Georgetown Center on Education. The study revealed that fields like science, technology and business benefit the most. Professionals in these fields earn 70% more over the course of their careers than those who only have bachelor’as. Those in the government sector can also expect significant positive change in their income after acquiring a master’s degree. Still contemplating on that MBA? Research shows that it is more likely to add more zeros on your payslip. Get the UNICAF MBA scholarship right now and smile your way to the bank.

Career Level, A Master’s Degree and Your Income

When it comes to enrolling for a master’s degree and your income reviews, the level at which you are in your career journey matters. Undergraduate candidates are advised to ‘test the waters’ in the corporate world before settling for a master’s degree programme. This is because you might end up in a career you did not study and become very passionate about it. Putting yourself out there helps you become self-aware of your strengths and suitability in varied career paths. When you finally settle on a master’s degree, it will be to improve the best version of yourself that exists. By the time you are enrolling for the master’s degree, you will have gained some experience and it actually might have a positive impact on your income.

Your University’s Reputation Matters

After establishing that you are ready to enrol for a master’s degree, it’s now time to shop for a university. Conduct background checks to ensure that the institution you engage is accredited, credible and has a wholesome history of success. Institutions like UNICAF offer internationally recognised degrees via the UNICAF Scholarship Programme. This way, you can get your internally recognised master’s degree at a very affordable rate. Get a UNICAF Scholarship now.

Job Market Status

How well have you planned your career journey? Do you know what employers are looking for in your field? Do you have in mind what the next career stage looks like? Sometimes it is wise to check out job adverts, even when you aren’t actively looking for a job. Looking through a job advert can help you understand what is happening in your field. The job description is a goldmine of information. You will get information on what skills employers are looking for, what level of qualification they want and the kind of experience they desire. If you see a trend in employers requiring a master’s degree for a role you are eyeing, it is time to enrol in a relevant programme!

Competitive Advantage that Guarantees Future Income Increase

When planning for your career, a master’s degree is something that could be a short-term goal with long-term impact. If you are in a field where a master’s degree is desired, having it gives you a competitive advantage. This means that even if your current employer fails to review your salary, you have made yourself an ideal candidate for an employer who will. Get the competitive advantage today and stand out in a crowd of job seekers; enrol for a master’s programme.