Managerial Psychology and Its Benefit for HR Professionals in Nigeria

Managerial Psychology and Its Benefit for HR Professionals in Nigeria

Managerial psychology is a sub-division of organisational psychology which deals mainly on the effectiveness of persons, groups and organisations. For human resource professionals who desire some specialisation in their profession, an MSc Managerial Psychology is a degree worth considering. In addition, not only that the discipline helps in ensuring that the leadership of workplaces are able to have a better knowledge on the behaviour in the work environment, it also helps to install and nurture a desired thought-flow and behavioural pattern within a workplace.

For HR professionals seeking specialisation in the area of industrial relations and personnel management, managerial psychology is gradually becoming the most sought-after area of specialisation. This includes non-HR professionals with an interest in understanding the thought flow of individuals within a work environment and the general organisational culture.

Nigeria has one of the world’s highest number of certified HR professionals. This is according to a report published on Guardian News. A large number of HR professionals in the country make the profession highly competitive. HR professionals who intend to distinguish themselves should consider more specialised areas. And for many, managerial psychology is becoming a more preferred choice.

Those who have taken the course on managerial psychology will be able to better assist in the development of a lifestyle within organisations. Most especially, they will play significant roles in screening and selection processes, including the orientation process. Their roles will help to determine how staff within the workplace is able to adapt to the organisational culture.

How does managerial psychology influence people?

The psychological pattern in every workplace heavily depends on organisational behaviour and culture. Effective HR managers with good managerial psychological skills can help determine a particular pattern of behaviour in the workplace. Therefore, such HR managers can help in ensuring that general harmful behaviour in workplace is detected and prevented from escalating. The HR managerial psychologist joins the organisation’s leadership in building a culture for the organisation. Certainly, this will eventually be passed down to the staff within the organisation.

A managerial psychologist could also decide to concentrate on personnel psychology or organisational psychology, or equally on both. Those who have focused on personnel psychology will be more concerned in understanding the ideologies and behavioural pattern of staff within a workplace. While those concentrating on organisational psychology will focus on building organisational culture, ideologies and other thought flows. This will eventually be transferred to the personnel within the workplace. The HR managerial psychologist ensures to protect the interest of the organisation and the staff. For instance, the reaction of personnel on a particular organisational policy could lead to the organisation adjusting its policies. The HR managerial psychologist sometimes acts as a negotiator for the personnel and the organisation.

Human resources management is unarguably the responsibility of all those managing people within the workplace. Furthermore, its responsibility extends to planning for human resource needs, planning for recruitment and selection, welfare, safety, training and development. Similarly, the fundamentals of HRM also extend to collective bargaining – negotiating for employers and employees. The connection between human resource management and managerial psychology is the key factor in HRM theory and practice.

How does this translate into a career?

In the process of personnel management, recruitment and selection are part of the core activities of HR managers. To which interpersonal relations are part of the elements involved in the process. Therefore, HR managers who have studied managerial psychology will be able to ensure better interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

There are various local and international institution offering programmes on managerial psychology. Nonetheless, it is important that HR professionals seeking the programme are able to identify institutions that are well rooted in the subject. HR professionals who are also seeking flexibility for study can opt-in for online programmes on managerial psychology.

There is an increasing number of international institutions offering online programmes on managerial psychology, many of which provide flexible study system. This could ensure that HR professionals seeking to enrol for the programme are able to combine it with their work.


Unicaf University offers an online programme on managerial psychology. Unicaf University is a pan-African university with a presence in 11 African countries. Furthermore, the institution offers internationally recognised degrees through an online and on campus study system. Its study system is one of the most flexible education study systems at the moment.

Unicaf University is a member of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and also a member of the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA). The pan-African institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of top quality through an online and on campus study system. In addition, its educational system brings an array of opportunities for students in Africa and other parts of the world seeking an internationally recognised degree in managerial psychology.

The MSc in Managerial Psychology offered by Unicaf University imparts the ability to deploy learned skills and understanding in a range of seminal and contemporary issues. HR professionals, including other professionals who have applied for the programme are able to apply their skills and methods in tackling challenges in the work environment.

Those with interest in Unicaf University’s managerial psychology can apply by visiting the application page here. They should fill out the application form to express interest in the programme. A student adviser from Unicaf University will respond to applicants within 48 hours of applications.

Emmanuel Ebanehita (Writer)