Learning Methods: Types, Modalities and Which One Suits You

Learning Methods: Types, Modalities and Which One Suits You


Learning is a continuous process and no matter what age a person might be, we always find something new to learn. For instance, it may be a new language, skill, sport, or just learning at school which makes learning an important part of our lives. In the past, it was assumed that everyone had the same learning methods.

Recent studies have shown that there are different learning methods and that different people process and store information learnt differently. This means that you need to be self-aware. Understand the different learning methods and identify which one works for you. Here are the seven different learning you should know.

1. Visual (Spatial) Learning Method

Visual learning facilitates interaction of learners with their object of knowledge via images, visual cues or mental maps to assist them in processing the information quickly. This kind of learners normally needs to write down their thoughts for them to process what they are thinking. In a classroom setting, a visual learner may understand quickly by watching a film on the topic than listening to the lecture. Traits that define visual learners include; have good colour balance, like colouring and drawing, are great at using maps, can visualise objects, plans, and outcomes. If you possess the above characteristics you are a visual learner.

2. Aural (Auditory-Musical) Learning Method

This type of learning is used to classify the people who process and retain information by responding to sound. It is one of the rarest learning methods used. This is because it’s not common outside music classes. It is easy to know if you are an aural learner since aural learners find that certain music helps with their memory and grasping of concepts. They possess a good sense of pitch and rhythm. Also, they find it easy to read with music in the background because music helps them remember something they learnt.

3. Verbal Learning Method

This learning method involves verbal instructions. Verbal learners are good in both written and oral methods. This learning is mostly by people who engage in debates, authors, journalists and those that do public speaking. These kinds of learners express their ideas through speaking and writing. They also enjoy reading material and writing, as well as enjoy learning new words and have a rich vocabulary.

4. Physical (Kinesthetic) Learning Method

Physical learning is being actively involved in what you are learning and people who practise it are known as physical learners. There is always a need for these learners to be on the move. They grasp concepts by going through the motions of what they are learning and are very good at understanding the physical world. For instance, through textures, these learners enjoy working with their hands. They engage in sports, exercise and outdoor activities more than any other learner and also enjoy making things like models or jigsaw puzzles.

5. Logical (Mathematical) Learning Method

Logical learning entails a deep understanding of concepts and their causes. Logical learners mostly prefer understanding the reason behind content or phenomena. Eventually, this kind of learners ends up pursuing the sciences. Among other things, they enjoy performing complex calculations, plan agendas and even rank them, classify information to better understand it. Are you a logician? Find courses that suit your learning method today!

6. Social (Interpersonal) Learning Method

Social learners prefer working and learning in groups. For students, these are the people who are majorly involved in extracurricular activities. Among working professionals, social learners prefer to work in teams. They ask for feedback to better themselves and learn the best in groups. Socialising is an important aspect of the learning process. Moreover, they enjoy things like group sports.

7. Solitary (Intrapersonal) Learning Method

Solitary learning is the opposite of social learning. Social learners prefer to learn alone and keep to themselves. This applies mostly to socially introverted people. However, some people are outgoing but when it comes to learning they will choose to be solitary learners. This kind of learning method is also perfect for people who choose online learning options due to the solitary nature of this option.

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