Interview with Oghenethoja Umuteme

Interview with Oghenethoja Umuteme

UNICAF has caught up with Oghenethoja Umuteme who has taken advantage of UNICAF’s Short Courses. Not only did Mr Umuteme finish all courses in record time, but also with exceptional results.


Mr Umuteme, could you please tell us where you work and what position you have at your company?

I was formerly working as Engineering Design Lead in Shell Nigeria up till November 2014, but now started my own firm as CEO at Derock Global Energy Resources Company Limited since 2015.

What courses have you been recently studying and why did you chose them?

I have been studying the following short courses via your Intercollege platform:

1. Human Resources Management (HRM-101)
2. Marketing Management (MAM-101)
3. Management Theories and Philosophies (MTP-101)

As a CEO of a new company, though I had engineering background, I needed to understand what it meant to be a top-management executive, overcoming the human resources bottlenecks with the increasing turnover rates worldwide and how to make my services/products accessible to the outside world. I made several internet searches until I came across these offers in your website. When I read through the course descriptions, I knew I had gotten what I wanted.

How was your experience with the application process at UNICAF and did you receive all the information you needed to make an informed decision?
The application to response lead time was quiet impressive. I had a student adviser who called personally, and always speaks with a friendly tone – always willing to offer assistance and, then followed me up through the process with several helpful emails.

Did you have any difficulties using the online platform?

And I must confess that the stability of the online platform was commendable. The materials were accessible and richly developed with experts’ materials in the subject field.

Do you feel that your lecturers are available for you if you need any additional help?

My lecturer was responsive – though we communicated via email, yet I felt that personal interest in my career in his the emails. This also encouraged me to move from one stage to the other.

Has what you learned improved your career?

I am currently putting all the learnings together and I believe this will lead to the turnaround I have been expecting. My confidence has improved and I am set to face the competitive sea of investment.

Nothing is as good as having the feeling of a professional in a business environment where one can use and speak the language of business with confidence. This is how I feel right now. I believe I now have the needed core competence and competitive advantage to succeed.

Would you recommend the UNICAF Short Courses and why?

I will recommend UNICAF again for those who are willing to learn and develop their competence in business and leadership, to take the advantage this learning opportunity has to offer, so that they can learn at own pace, yet with international focus in mind.


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