6 Myths about an Online MSc Degree

17 SEP 2021 By Unicaf
6 Myths about an Online MSc Degree

An MSc Degree is usually the next step after a Bachelor degree. MSc (Master of Science) degrees are taught or research courses, typically one or two years in length – if studied full time. Such programmes are designed to help students specialise in and gain in-depth knowledge and transferable skills about a particular subject of interest. However, international students seem not to be so familiar with the online MSc degrees. Are you wondering why? Some hesitations arise from wrong impressions around the efficiency, quality and content of online learning. Let’s do some myth-busting – read below 6 common myths around online-based MSc Degrees. 

Myth #1- Not enough support 

It’s absolutely normal that future or prospective online students are worried about getting enough support during their studies. Rest assured – if you choose to pursue an online MSc degree, you will not be alone during your digital education journey. Online students get the support they deserve as if they were on-campus students. For example, student support services, career advising, and IT support are always available. Universities also ensure easy access to study materials, resources and other learning tools to make student life more convenient and flexible. When it comes to individualised support from professors and tutors, students can contact their mentors with one click – through the virtual learning environment (VLE).  In contrast, on-campus studies limit such communication to only a few hours per week in-office meetings. 

Myth #2 – Fewer Programmes Options 

If you are among those who believe online programmes lack variety, think again. There are many different fields of expertise you can choose from. Online MSc programmes range from Economics to Engineering, Technology, Management, Business, Healthcare, Sciences and Environmental studies. You can find out more 100% online MSc Degrees here.

Myth #3 – It’s too expensive 

Let’s be honest – tertiary education can be very expensive. However, as Benjamin Franklin said: ‘’An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’’. Fees for online learning programmes are much more affordable than on-campus programmes, for this reason, quality university degrees are nowadays more affordable for students who meet the eligibility criteria. What is more, students can also seek scholarship opportunities and thus make their studies even more affordable.  Unicaf assists students to earn quality higher education degrees through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme. Candidates can apply for a Unicaf Scholarship and study for one of the available degrees, offered by reputable universities in the UK and Africa. So far, Unicaf has offered more than $100 million worth of scholarships to 43.000 eligible students worldwide. Why not be one of them? 

Myth #4 – I’m too old for a Masters 

You’ll never be too old for an MSc degree. Going back to university and studying is more about how a Master’s degree can boost your career development and less about your age. Whether you are 30, 40 or 50, an MSc degree can help you gain a promotion in the company you work for, earn a higher salary, boost your knowledge, skills and techniques or even change your career field. 

In any case, online learning made higher education more accessible. Even if you are a busy parent or working full-time, an online degree allows you to balance your everyday responsibilities while still being able to fit your studies into it. Keep in mind that gaining work experience while studying is an impressive point in your CV for most employees. 

Myth #5 – I won’t get to network 

Networking and socialising [even if they are happening online] are as important as the knowledge and skills you get during your university years. When joining an online degree, you’ll still be able to network, as social media platforms are quite evident in a university ambience too. Numerous online tools can help students communicate, such as group chats, virtual study rooms and discussion boards to make sure you are close enough to your uni buddies. Unicaf University is a full member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) – a great way for students to network and participate in events. Students can attend events that range in a variety of topics, from climate change to digital university and sustainability. And if by any chance you live nearby,  attempt to meet your new university friends in person too. 

Myth #6 – Fewer Job opportunities 

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the majority of universities shifting to exclusively online solutions – online MSc degrees are now in high demand. Despite this, there is a pervasive myth that employees from different sectors do not value online degrees, making students worry. So here is the good news! More than 60% of Human Resource leaders reported that online degrees are of equal or greater importance and quality to the majority of campus-based degrees (2019). On top of that, more than 70% of organisations worldwide hired a graduate with an online degree during the last year (2018). Are those stats enough to convince you all these are just myths? 

The ideal MSc degree for you

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