Finance Degree Programmes of Top Quality

Finance Degree Programmes of Top Quality

Finance degree courses are among the top-rated globally. This is because the service is on high demand in almost all organisations for-profit and non-profit. Graduate of finance is needed in almost all industries, ranging from FMCG, financial sector, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education, legal outfits, including government and NGOs. This has made the profession a top-rated, which is equally high in demand locally, and globally. The degree obtained in studying a finance-related course will provide the student with the knowledge and key competencies in financial management.

Unicaf University (UU) offers a premium quality online Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. It will help students fit into a modern world of excellence and execute accurate decision making using modern finance tools, BigData, marketing, management and analytic methods. The programme essentially deals with financial management, and the interpretation of data using financial analysis. During the course, students will be able to study the core principles of business and financial processing and concepts. They will gain profound knowledge of management and administrative procedures to successfully function in managerial positions, as well as in banking and other financial organisations.

It does not stop there. The finance course is also available at the MBA level. For this, the MBA Finance delivered by Unicaf University helps the student to understand the structure and system of financial markets. The course will enable students to become efficiently and proficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to advance in international organisations and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions. Upon completion of their study, they become prospective for global employments; being suitable to work anywhere in the world.



Unicaf University Delivery Method

A state-of-the-arts Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used in delivering this programme online, through distance learning. Students can also study on-campus in locations where the on-campus study is operational. The VLE of UU is top-notch, which allow students to conveniently study using their smartphones, tablets or personal computers (PC). Students can also study on-campus with the option to use a dedicated study computer and access their classes online. The flexibility of study helps to meet students need, especially those who desire other extracurricular activities. Students can work and study simultaneously without having to forfeit one for the other. They will also get access to premium study materials including e-books which can help to aid their study. The BSc in Accounting and Finance is delivered in English Language, while the MBA Finance is delivered in English Language, and also French.

The desire to meet student needs is critical for distance learning, and this is where Unicaf University (UU) stands outs. Students will have a Student Adviser who will always see to their needs. The Student Adviser will guide them throughout the period of their study. This is to ensure that their academic needs and demands are met.

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to enhance financial skills by providing detailed knowledge of financial accounting and reporting. Graduates of this programme will master the auditing and taxation skills as well as cost and management accounting. Also, they will be able to make accurate financial statement analysis using modern tools and technologies.

The programme also aims to provide students with the theoretical, technical and empirical background necessary for financial problem-solving. This is in addition to accurate financial decision making. Students will also acquire broad-based education which will provide a good starting point for them. Lastly, it will help them to develop skills for entrepreneurial leadership in the field of finance.

About Unicaf University

Unicaf University (UU) is a pan-African independent university with a presence in 11 African countries. Furthermore, the institution offers internationally recognised degrees through an online and on-campus study system. The study system is one of the most flexible education study systems available at the moment.

Also worthy to note, Unicaf University is a member of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and also a member of the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA). The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of top quality. In addition, the educational system of UU provides the opportunity for students in Africa and other parts of the world to obtain an internationally recognised degree in finance and other subject areas.




Scholarships by Unicaf University

Unicaf University offers scholarships to African students seeking higher international education. This, of course, is applicable to UU’s BSc in Accounting and Finance, and MBA Finance. More than USD 90 million worth of scholarships have already been awarded to various students. UNICAF and its academic delivery partners have served over 25,000 students across Africa, who have benefited from the scholarships.

Application methods

Candidates in Nigeria and Africa with an interest in Unicaf University’s programmes can apply by visiting the application page here. They should fill out the application form to express interest in the programme. A student adviser from Unicaf University will respond to applicants within 48 hours of applications.

Emmanuel Ebanehita (Writer)