Here Is Why a B.A in English Language and Literature Is a Popular Career Choice

Here Is Why a B.A in English Language and Literature Is a Popular Career Choice

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English as a language has established itself as one of the most widely spoken languages. In the global business community, the English language remains an intricate language for communication which every professional and business person should possess its skill. As a result, a quality English language and literature degree is one which is highly respected all over the World. 

A B.A in English Language and Literature will equip students with the skills of reading, and the ability to produce a wide variety of texts and proses; ranging from poetry and fiction to technical writing and advertisements. In addition, they will be able to read critically and analytically, which can help the student develop the talent for creative writing, reading, speaking and problem-solving in communication.

The primary purpose of a degree in English language and literature is to help students properly explore how English has evolved and developed over time, and how it can be adequately applied in different formal and informal communications. Also, students can apply the skills gained to a large number of careers that require strong communication skills; most especially in writing, editing and analysis.

The B.A in English Language and Literature can help you unlock a good number of career opportunities. A quality degree from a recognised institution is a valuable asset to have. This is not only because of the large number of career opportunities it could make available but because the degree could enhance personal development and also enhance continuous education.

What are the career pathways available for an English language and literature graduate? 

The degree obtained in English language and literature can qualify you for various job roles across many industries. Ideally, you will be suitable to work across all industries. Primarily, you will be suitable for roles that require good use of English communication skills.

To explain, let’s explore some of the direct and indirect roles your English Language degree may be suitable for.



Direct roles for English Language graduates 


This is one of the most common job roles for English language degree holders. After bagging a degree in English language and literature, you may be required to get the necessary teaching licence or certification. After this, you will be suitable to teach in various local and international schools. However, not all schools require a teaching certification because they can employ you. After your Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, students who have extended their study to obtaining a Master’s degree may also be suitable for lecturing jobs in the university.                    

Journalism, screenwriter, copywriter, writer

These are some of the primary jobs that are related to your profession as a degree holder in English language and literature. Any service that requires the skills of a good English writer, your degree can land you on the job. News agencies may require the services of a Journalist, while movie production outfits may require the services of a screenwriter. Advertising agencies may require the services of a copywriter, while a writer may be generally required across the board.

Proof-reader, editor, book publisher, librarian

You will be suitable for services that require written content reviews, publishing and storage. As an English language and literature graduate, you can work in a book publishing firm as a proof-reader, editor or even a publisher. You can also work in a library as a librarian.

Corporate Communication Manager, PR officer

You can work in any organisation as a corporate communication specialist. You may also work a public relations officer. Your services as a corporate communication manager may cover internal and external communications within the organisation. For this job role, you will be responsible for managing or overseeing the corporate communication of the organisation. As a PR officer, you will be responsible for overseeing various public relations related activities. This may include liaising with public relations agencies on behalf of your organisation.

Graduates of English language and literature may also provide other services that are not directly related to their profession. Some of the key services required from writers are original writing and review of existing written works. Therefore, various business outfits may require your services from time to time. For instance, research organisations or legal outfits may require your services from time to time. This may include organisations preparing documentations such a term of operations, business profiles, guidelines, etc.

Unicaf University BA English Language and Literature

Unicaf University BA in English Language and Literature is a premium course designed to meet international standard. The programme is structured in an innovative threefold degree programme which is comprised of English language teaching methodology, English literature and linguistics modules.

Students will study the linguistic systems underlying language, exploring in detail how the language is structured, acquired, used and taught. Also, the relationship between text, language, reader and author, society, economy, politics, culture and the individual will be critically explored.

The course modules include the linguistic components which aim to provide students with a thorough grounding of the principles underpinning the study of language and the diversity of linguistic study. Accordingly, it aims to provide students with knowledge and skills relevant to teaching English. This includes an emphasis on classroom management and the use of technology.

Unicaf University programme delivery method for B.A English Language and Literature

Unicaf University programmes are delivered mainly online, and also blending with on-campus study option. African students can study for this programme from their home countries and obtain an internationally recognised degree. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used is delivering most of these programmes. These students can access these online classes using their smartphones, tablets or personal computers. They can also attend these classes in the Unicaf study centres or campuses.



Additional Benefits Studying a Unicaf University Bachelor’s degree programmes

Unicaf University programmes come with many benefits. Let’s closely examine some of the key benefits of the programmes.


Unicaf offers partial scholarships to students across Africa to study for any of its programmes. Students across Africa and globally has received over USD 90 million worth of scholarships from Unicaf. Also, about 25,000 students across Africa have benefited from Unicaf scholarships.

Internationally Recognised Degree

Unicaf University offers top quality academic degrees which are recognised globally. In addition, the pan-African institution is also a member of many established academic bodies, including an academic partnership with many foreign institutions.

International Community and Alumni

The online delivery method of this programme helps to build and strengthen a student network of an online community. As a result, this will help them build a rich student community, including a strong alumni network after graduation.

More About Unicaf University and application method for B.A English Language and Literature

Unicaf University is a pan-African institution, with established campuses and learning centres in 11 African countries. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of top quality through online and blended study system.

Also worthy of mention, Unicaf University is a member of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and also a member of Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA).

Students interested in B.A English Language and Literature at Unicaf University can visit the application page here to apply. Afterwards, a Student Adviser from Unicaf will contact the applicants to guide them on the next steps.

Josephine Uche Chikwue (Writer & Educationist)