Is a degree in International Business worth it?

Is a degree in International Business worth it?

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Business is going international

Are you considering a degree in business? You should bear in mind more, and more companies are going international. Globalisation has made multiple successful companies develop a universal perspective while operating on a global scale. International Business focuses on cross-border transactions of products, services, or resources, between two or more countries.

If you have strong communication skills, cultural sensitivity and you are up for lots of travelling; then international business is for you!

The perfect timing to study an Online MSc in International Business 

An important part of our lives is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, e-learning made higher education much more accessible. To date, students can enjoy the flexibility, affordability and credibility of online learning while being anywhere in the world. 

A degree in International Business equips students with different methodologies and skills essential to understanding how culture affects business operations. Since international businesses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, there is a growing demand for educated business and management graduates to have a global mindset. Read below and find out a few reasons why you should consider a degree in International Business. 

4 reasons to study International Business 

1. Gaining a Worldwide Perspective 

Travelling around the world, even if that is for work purposes, allows you to enrich your worldview, experience foreign cultures, accept and appreciate cultural differences. Working within international organisations helps you to adapt to the requirements of an international business market. You learn how to be open to new concepts and solutions. 

So here is an example for you. Managers with an international mindset can compare the products or services with competitors around the world. They can conduct cross-cultural negotiations, create strong international relationships, and adapt to the multiple cultural-related challenges. On the other hand, a manager with a local perspective usually conducts the above business necessities only at a community / local level. 

2. Become a people person 

In the business sector, communication is indispensable. This is particularly important when working within an international business, which means working within a culturally diverse environment. So, what exactly is a people person? A person who is highly skilled in creativity, team leadership and interpersonal skills. Someone who enjoys contact, interacting, collaborating, and networking with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Communication skills do not stop there. They are part of your presentation abilities when it comes to conveying to your co-workers and managers.

3. Building successful business skills on a global scale 

Transferable skills have always been key for a business career. However, in today’s global job market they are becoming increasingly valuable for employees. Graduates educated on an international scale, develop a valuable set of business skills essential for stepping into the employment world. Below you will find 4 skills you need for success in the world of international business. 

Primarily, critical thinking is key. It ensures that you use logic to find the best solution possible for your organisation. Problem-solving skills are also important. Imagine having multiple obstacles at your workplace; high-quality problem-solving skills such as logic, creativity and determination will get you through this and help you achieve your goals. Next on the list are negotiation skills. Negotiation is critical when creating international business relationships; it is responsible for resolving conflicts and deal-making strategies.

Finally developing global leadership skills can be challenging. Despite this, employees of the global business community can understand and adapt to the different cultural requirements and think globally. Furthermore, leaders should guide and motivate their employees to be as productive and efficient as possible.

4. Embrace your competitive edge in the job market

Although general business is one of the most popular degrees – International business has its uniqueness and competitive advantages across the job market. As mentioned before, this is due to the popularity of globalisation across the business world. International business graduates can seek employment in marketing, human resources, finance, product development, sales, management, business development, supply chain and data science. 

Have in mind that you can begin your career in any location around the world with such a beneficial degree.  

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