Similarities Between E-Learning and Good Movies

Similarities Between E-Learning and Good Movies

Are you a movie lover? Do you enjoy movies? Can you imagine that E-Learning (new learning technology) have common things with good movies?

Of course yes…

So let’s find out similarities of E-learning and Good Movies:

  1. Special Effects / Technology

Visual effects and audio using to make movies larger than real life. The key of technology is to increase some scenes, not to replace a good story. E-Learning technology uses flashy graphics and moving parts, not to transfer knowledge but to engage the learner.

2. Actors/ Instructors

Good movies need good actors to play the role. The same with E-Learning needs good instructors to carry forward the learner to consolidate the meaning of the course.

3.Movie Poster / Marketing

The topic of marketing is very important for E-Learning education to attract a wider audience. Movie poster has many similarities with marketing for learning. Both are descriptive, attractive and target to a wide range of audience.

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