Should Africans prepare for more measures against the pandemic?
As the numbers of covid19 cases grow in Africa, governments will take more measures. The rapidly spreading virus must be stopped. Bans on foreign travel and restrictions in movement are already in place in many countries. Furthermore, citizens may be asked to stay in their homes and avoid physical contact with others. Even walking in the park you are asked to keep a distance of two metres from others.

Online Learning Vs the Corona Virus

The threat to universities from the coronavirus pandemic The coronavirus pandemic forces countries to take strict measures. Universities fear on campus outbreaks. Such outbreaks could create problems with academic procedures. However, there is a very viable alternative to disruptions which threaten universities with closures. The alternative is online learning. Online learning is invincible by diseases,…

Top 3 Latest Trends That Are Influencing the Highest Sought After Jobs in Most Industries

In the recent past, the employment industry has developed tremendously. The changes affect everyone. Whether you are the employer or employee, you are affected. Jobs are undergoing rapid developments across all sectors. For instance, you may be worried about being replaced by robots. That is if you are the employee. Inventions like automation and Artificial intelligence are threatening your job. This was not the case decades ago. Moreover, as the employer, you may demand more of your employees than before. No one can blame you though. You are fighting to remain relevant in their industry. On the other hand, your employees demand more pay from you. It is either that or they switch jobs. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top three trends.

3 Valid Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Requires Solid Knowledge of the Area and Not Just the Idea

When thinking about entrepreneurship what comes to mind? To most people, it’s having a brilliant idea that wasn’t there before. To some extent this is correct. However, the idea can be simple and very effective too. The idea is just the first step though. Entrepreneurship is more than the idea. You need knowledge of the business before starting. Most businesses fail due to lack of familiarity with the area. The idea was very solid but the owner knew little about the business. You may be thinking but I’m taking a risk. So you don’t need any knowledge beforehand. That’s where you are wrong. Take risks but calculated risks. Before venturing in entrepreneurship, read the following reasons for acquiring knowledge.