Beatrice Tancho is one of UNICAF’s Top Achievers

01 SEP 2015 By Admin
Beatrice Tancho is one of UNICAF’s Top Achievers
Beatrice Tancho is a phenomenon for us here at Unicaf; with a 3.10 GPA studying an online MBA it’s safe to say Miss Tancho is a top student.
Beatrice was initially very scared as she had very little working knowledge of the Internet and had never studied without a lecturer on hand.
Nevertheless, Beatrice overcame her fears as well as any obstacles she might have faced and is currently thriving in her studies. She is so happy with her choice that she is over the moon; she loves the challenge and the increasing intensity of the course as she goes deeper into her modules which is by far her favourite aspect.
Beatrice is extremely joyed with the superior Unicaf experience and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any student thinking of taking an online study route. She is happy with the support she receives from lecturers and student support as well as the ever growing intellectual challenge.
Overall? Another superbly happy student! Read Beatrice’s testimony below.

‘From the onset I was really scared having to learn without a teacher within reachable proximity and without a good Internet connection. My vision was to obtain a PhD and my mission has been to do anything possible to achieve this goal. I started and it has been the best experience ever. My teachers have been understanding and cooperative and taught me how to do research and use my skills. Compared to my previous Educational System, I’m loving online learning not because it is easier but because the challenge gets tougher by the day and I get to realize that goals can only be acquired through effort and determination’.