30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps Heart Diseases Away

09 SEP 2015 By Admin
30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps Heart Diseases Away

You know what’s important?

 What’s overlooked but is really an essential part of successful study?


 How much exercise so you get daily? Be honest!

Research shows that a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity is required if the body and mind are to function at an optimum level. You see, any type of moderate to intense physical activity gets the blood pumping around the body and in turn sends vital nutrients to the brain. This ensures the brain is in proper working order that in turn results in highly elevated levels of mental performance.

In addition regular exercise has the added benefit of reducing stress levels; this is also very important both for mind and body; lower stress levels means less cortisol in your body meaning your body/mind operates at full capacity.

What this means for you?

 A relaxed sense of control filled with clarity and peace of mind. A larger sense of focus and, as a result, a better understanding of your subject matter and the ability to perform at peak potential.

 Bottom line?

 Taking a 30 minute walk daily will reap you a world of benefits so put on those walking shoes!

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