Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Is the Emerging Trend. Here Is Why You Should Consider the Degree.

A Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA) holds immense value for a candidate’s professional profile. It is much coveted by top-level executives who desire career advancement opportunities within their field of work. The programme gives professional executives an edge in the marketplace and business. This includes enormous career enhancements such as rapid promotions, increased remunerations, including better job offers. Of course, proficiency on the job is the primary benefit of all other benefits the degree brings. 

The Benefits of Online Learning: Productivity

The business world is evolving. This has always been the case but the speed of the change has increased exponentially. Part of the reason for this phenomenon is that the world is becoming progressively interconnected, thus suddenly having competitors on one’s doorstep that previously only served distant markets. Another part is that maximised productivity is no longer optional but essential for the survival of a business.


August 21, 2019Leave a commentNews & EventsBy UNICAF
Unicaf and Unicaf University participated in the Career Fair, organized by the Nation Media Group on the 3rd of August 2019 at the Kenya International Convention Centre in Nairobi. The Fair was for high school students and form four leavers, looking at options for higher education. The objective of the Fair was to present major institutions of higher education to potential students, as well as the range of career choices open to them. The Fair was visited by more than 2000 people, including students, school leavers, parents, guardians and teachers.