Global Recognition: Unicaf and UEL Triumph at the 2023 PIEoneer Awards

Global Recognition: Unicaf and UEL Triumph at the 2023 PIEoneer Awards

The 2023 PIEoneer Awards, a hallmark event celebrating innovation and achievement in the global education industry, unfolded on Friday, September 22, at the distinguished Hilton Bankside in London. Attended by 560 professionals, the ceremony also reached a global audience through a live broadcast, ensuring that the international education community worldwide could share in the excitement of the evening.

The PIEoneer Awards, known for their commitment to recognising excellence, boasts a distinguished judging panel representing geographical and professional diversity. The awards celebrate individuals and organisations at the forefront of professional standards, engagement evolution and ensuring excellence in the overall student experience.

In this year’s ceremony, the esteemed partnership between Unicaf and the University of East London (UEL) emerged as the winners in the highly acclaimed category of the “Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award.” This accomplishment not only emphasises their exceptional dedication to inclusivity but also showcases their practical and cost-effective initiatives aimed at addressing the higher education challenge faced by the African continent.

After the ceremony, David Macrory, Assistant Head, Academic Partnerships and Global Engagement at UEL made the following statement: “Winning the PIE Award in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a well-deserved accolade. It recognises the tireless efforts of Unicaf and UEL in breaking down the barriers that have historically prevented equal access to higher education. This achievement is not just a reflection of our dedication, but also an affirmation of our commitment to creating a brighter future for Africa and the rest of the world.”

Selia Masoura, Director of Quality Assurance and Registrar at Unicaf reiterated: “The impact of this partnership goes beyond recognition. It touches the lives of countless students. It provides an opportunity to earn globally recognised degrees thereby unlocking new career prospects and contributing to the growth and development of Africa as a whole.”

The PIE, a leading independent entity seamlessly integrating media, recruitment, and events, plays a vital role in uniting a diverse global network of professionals dedicated to international education. The PIEoneer Awards, positioned at the pinnacle of recognition, serve as a global acknowledgement, honouring exceptional innovation and accomplishments.

As rightful recipients, Unicaf and the University of East London, stand as beacons of excellence, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in the dynamic landscape of global education.

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