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Unicaf University Students Get Together at Lake Salima, Malawi

Date Published: 09 DEC 2021 By: Kostas Y
Unicaf University Students Get Together at Lake Salima, Malawi

Following on from a successful trip to Liwonde National Park, students from Unicaf University in Malawi were treated to another day trip. Their destination was the stunning Lake Salima. Located just a couple of hours east of Lilongwe, Lake Salima welcomed 53 Unicaf University students to its beautiful shores.

The current global pandemic meant that student activities were cancelled or postponed, therefore Unicaf University organised the trip as a way of providing recreation for the students. As one student so powerfully stated, “With Covid-19 we couldn’t fully interact with each other. We’ve been looking forward to a function like this, so thank you Unicaf.” 

The students relished their day trip and thoroughly enjoyed taking group photos as well as “selfies.” One student said, “We would like to thank Unicaf for the trip you organised for us and for everything you provided.” Meanwhile, on the Unicaf WhatsApp group another student wrote, “I would like to thank my fellow students for the unity and one bond. Stay blessed.”