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Unicaf presents to the World Bank’s MENA 2021 EdTech Conference

Unicaf presents to the World Bank’s MENA 2021 EdTech Conference

Developing societies experience an increasing demand for more university seats, however, there are not enough institutions to cater for all the qualified school leavers. The explosive growth is more evident in Africa where there is a rising demand for university access, but the average enrolment rate is below 10 per cent (World Bank, 2017).

Technology and Education

Technology is transforming all facets of education making it more universal, inclusive, and interactive. The digitalisation of tertiary education has facilitated significant progress in accommodating the needs of a wider range of students. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic and the global restrictions resulted in an urgent call to support remote learning through technology. The HE Sector globally shifted quickly (albeit chaotically) to a limited form of online learning, often rushing to apply immediate digital solutions without any adequate background, IT knowledge and research, generating in this way various learning gaps.


Unicaf, the leading online platform, has been at the frontline in developing digital solutions for qualified students whose socioeconomic background and geographical location prevent them from attending a university. Unicaf employs cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to enhance instructional methods and improve the student learning experience, and has been doing so well before the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly a decade, the online educational platform is equipped to deliver high-quality online programmes driven by the latest pedagogical approaches. More than 40,000 students worldwide were granted a Unicaf Scholarship to study online for an internationally recognised degree.


Unicaf Founder and CEO Nicos Nicolaou, Federal Vice Chancellor, Kevin Andrews and Pro Vice Chancellor Tony Brogden-Ward will be presenting at the World Bank’s Education 4.0: Accelerating the Edtech Ecosystem in MENA 2021 EdTech Conference, June 3-4, the effectiveness of its innovative digital model that reinforced student learning in various regions worldwide.


At the MENA 2021 EdTech Conference, industry leaders, local governments, and key stakeholders in EdTech organisations will come together virtually in an effort to support the EdTech ecosystem across the MENA region.


The primary goals of the World Bank’s MENA EdTech Conference are:


  • Provide an open and collaborative platform
  • Inform governments and local EdTech players
  • Understanding the MENA governments’ priorities
  • Identify and share promising EdTech pilots
  • Foster collaborations between international and regional MENA companies
  • Support the use of private sector capacity in the public sector
  • Build a bridgehead for further ongoing cooperation


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