The Pandemic as an Inspiration for a New Career

The rising importance of healthcare managers Understandably, the corona virus pandemic has highlighted the significance of the healthcare sector at the national and international level. As a result, governments and private healthcare organisations seek to employ capable, well trained healthcare managers and leaders. Not just to handle disease outbreaks, but also to help maintain the…

Will Flexibility and Change Define the ‘New Normality’ at the Workplace Post Covid-19?

With news of several effective vaccines coming soon and better treatments for Covid-19, the world is now desperate for a return to ‘normality’. The global economy needs it, individual businesses of every size and shape need it, and people need it too. But what form will this ‘normality’ take? Will flexibility and change define our new normality post Covid-19, as some experts claim?


An awards ceremony was held at the Unicaf Kenya premises in Nairobi, on the 28th of July 2020, to announce the winners of the second Unicaf essay competition in Kenya and present them with their prizes. Observing social distancing and other safety guidelines, enforced to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the event was attended by two of the three winners, together with family members and friends. The first winner, Dan Basil, who is currently in California, in the USA, attended the ceremony via Zoom, while his representative and siblings were present at the event in Kenya.