MSc Web Design and Development will be Ideal for Nigerian Computer Specialists

MSc Web Design and Development will be Ideal for Nigerian Computer Specialists

It is no longer a secret that web design and development is the most common service rendered by Nigerian computer specialists. This has become a ”side hustle” amongst computer specialists, while some engage on it full time. IT start-ups in Nigeria also provide web design and development services as their primary service, including other related IT services. For many who want to go into the adventure of offering IT solutions, web design and development is most likely the first step they start with.

Although these assertions may be correct, it is also important to note that many of these computer specialists providing these services have not received formal education on the subject. Furthermore, these computer specialists, who provide web design and development services, in most cases have learnt the hard way. In the most common case, they have acquired these skills from their friends who could teach them. In other common cases, from their workplaces, participating in short term training, including self-learning through online study and other self-taught study materials.

While this may sound good and intriguing, it is equally pertinent to note that a formal education on web design and development is important for those who wish to pursue a full career in the field. Through this, they will be able to possess in-depth knowledge of its core principles. This includes an understanding of the key areas necessary to ensure that web designers and developers are able to successfully create reliable web projects. To ensure this, they need to utilise state-of-the-art tools and technologies. This is in addition to ensuring a high level of security measures, which a proper education ensures.

Are there study options in Nigeria for people with an interest in web design and development?

Formal education on web design and development covers the complete circle of the subject. It covers key areas like content management, applied art for the web, user experience design, social media and SEO, programming and scripting, cyber security, web technologies, and more. Some of the key areas may not have been properly covered through self-learning, including other short study systems. Getting a formal education is advisable for those seeking a full career on web design and development.

Evidently, In Nigeria, there has been an increasing need for IT professionals to provide IT related services. This also includes increasing job opportunities for IT professionals. This can be attributed to the increasing number of registered businesses and to the growing internet penetration in the country. According to the recently published information, the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) disclosed that there are currently about 3.1 million registered companies in Nigeria. Each of these new businesses, including the older ones, needs an online presence. This will eventually bring arrays of IT job opportunities to Nigerian professionals. Nonetheless, only the most capable will be qualified to seize these opportunities.

A website is affectionately considered the digital office of a business, brand or entity. For customers or clients seeking to know more about a business it is usually the first thing to do on an checklist. This has however created an increasing number of opportunities for Nigerian IT professionals to provide web design and development services.

Bigger organisations still usually prefer to outsource their web design and development jobs to international IT companies. This is due to their fears of lack of professionalism and lack of expertise, among others. In some other cases, they outsource these jobs to renowned local IT companies.

What is the future of Nigerian web designers and developers?

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a web designer and developer, then consider a degree in this subject. It is however uncommon to find a university degree course on web design. The most common programmes available for this is computer sciences. While this may be good as well, it is suitable for students with a science background. This is because it goes deeper into the sciences of web technologies. A degree in web design and development is suitable for those with interest in adventuring into the career without necessarily having a science background. A science background for the study isn’t compulsory, however, it is advisable that students who have chosen this path are familiar with the basics.

More international universities are beginning to offer academic programmes on web design and development. A common factor which has contributed to this growth is the increasing internet penetration. Consequentially, there has been an increasing need for internet-based solutions. Therefore, there will be a growing need for IT professionals to provide internet-based services. A website is the most common, and the first step for such needs.

IT professionals seeking to advance their education on web design can consider an MSc Web Design and Development. In addition, those seeking a degree at a Bachelor’s level can consider the Unicaf University BSc Computer Science.

Why Unicaf University MSc Web Design and Development?

The programme goes deep into the principles of web design and development. It further imparts all necessary skills and knowledge needed to become successful professional web designers and developers. Students who are studying for this degree go through a well detailed and intensifying study system. They will also be able to connect with other students across Africa studying for the same programme through the online community.

Unicaf University is a pan-African university with a presence in 11 African countries. Also, Unicaf University offers internationally recognised degrees through online or on campus study system. Its study system is one of the most flexible education study systems at the moment.

Students who are studying for Unicaf University’s MSc Web Design and Development or BSc Computer Science, have the option to study purely online. They will still obtain the same quality of degree certification of students who have studied in any of the Unicaf University’s campuses.

Unicaf University offers a partial scholarship to students from the sub-Saharan African region and worldwide, of which Nigeria is inclusive. Students who have applied for any of the programmes will have the option to study through a flexible study module system. This gives the students the ability to control the pace of their study. They also get the option to pay their tuition fees through a monthly instalment plan, making it possible to work, earn and study.

Applying for the Unicaf University MSc Web Design or Development or BSc Computer Science

Candidates interested in studying for an MSc Web Design and Development can do so by visiting the application page here. Those interested in the BSc Computer Science can do so by visiting the application page here to express interest. Applicants will be contacted from Unicaf University within 48 hours of their applications.

Okeke Vincent Chidozie (Entrepreneur, Writer & Digital Education Consultant)